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June 16th: the best parts of each season.

I live in Arizona and unfortunately we do not get very different seasons other than hot or mild weather. However, I was born in Pennsylvania and prefer the weather/seasons of the east coast. In fact, I am spending my summer here now. I try my best to always be in Pennsylvania all summer every year through the fall because I cannot stand the desert heat in Arizona. I actually am considering moving back to the east coast because I am starting to not be able to stand it anymore.

My Dad originally got a job out in Arizona when I was younger and that's why we moved... but now that I am in my late 20s I am thinking about one day moving back east again. I try to pretty much be a snow bird. That way I get the best of both worlds and my Grandma never minds if I stay with her for most of the summer anyways. My Grandpa died at the beginning of the year so she's really enjoying my company right now anyways and I always bring my pets with me. My kitten didn't make one peep on the airplane :) He's such a good boy.

Anyways, here is what I like about each season.....

This is my least favorite season in Arizona! 118 outside is no fun. I can't stand the heat. However, in Pennsylvania it's beautiful! There's tons of green grass and trees and flowers to plant.
  • I am always in the mood to do extra summer reading.
  • Time in the pool. I love water and swimming.
  • Fresh fruit and produce (when back east).

I actually like the cold and prefer it honestly. I know I am in the minority here.
  • Christmas
  • I love baking and feeling extra cozy because it's cold outside when back east or up in Northern Arizona where it snows (my family has a cabin up there and that's where my brother lives). 
  • I actually love winter fashion and wearing coats/sweats. I like feeling bundled up.
  • Drinking cozy warm beverages like a hot coffee or hot chocolate... or even hot apple cider. 
  • Playing in the snow/making a snow man. 

The fall back east is my favorite season by far.
  • The leaves changing colors is absolutely beautiful in PA.
  • I love apple season and making apple pie.
  • Thanksgiving time.
  • Decorating pumpkins for Halloween.
  • I love the beginning of having more crisp air.
  • It's not too hot and not too cold.

My allergies are usually terrible in the spring in Arizona. I am allergic to everything in the desert!
  • I love gardening and planting flowers. I can only really do this back east. Everything frys and doesn't grow in Arizona. It's too hot and plants hate the desert soil unless it's cactus or succulents. It's sad.
  • Easter time
  • Springtime brings new life.
Which season is your favorite?
What do you like and not like about certain seasons?