I have been blogging since February of 2018 and along the way, I have come across and met some amazing bloggers especially book bloggers! I cannot express enough how much I love the literary community and talking with other fellow bloggers about books and reading.

I originally started my blog to share the love I have for books. Plus, other than my father not many people in my personal life read or have the same taste in books as I do. So, I needed an outlet where I could talk to people about the books that I love and then my blog was born and kinda just evolved from there. While I blog about many other topics than just books at my blogs core it is about reading and books because that is one of my main passions in life. 

I don't get to recognize fellow bloggers often so I came up with this post to do just that. All of the blogs listed below are blogs that I personally read on my own... some may not even be aware that I do or will ever realize I posted this shoutout but I am writing this post all the same. Hopefully, you find some new blogs to read after this post, and feel free to recommend me some blogs to read as well. I am always looking for more blogs to read and follow. This post will be dedicated to BOOK BLOGS specifically. Later on, I will feature other types of blogs as well if you like this kind of post.

Romance Bloggers

All Genre's Book Bloggers

Do you read any of the blogs on my list above?
Are there any blogs not listed that I should know about?



  1. Aww we love to share the love, i'd definately take any other list of other bloggers that you have !
    I'm definately just like you-- started because I had nobody to gush books about.. and then decided to expend 😅 Though i'm not only about books anymore, I very much like my book blogger title still ahah; mostly about books.

    Some of my favorites has been listed; such as Novel Knight, Novels & waffles, aswell as Pages & plots. 🥰

    Kristina @ Books-and-dachshunds.com

    1. I love your blog too. Man, I love how you always find new blogs to read. I will for sure have to update this list later too.

  2. Thanks so much Emily! I love your blog!

    1. Aw this is so sweet! I love highlighting other bloggers that deserve to be recognized.


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