Reading slumps are real. For me, they come and go throughout the year and I always get depressed when they do because I like knowing that I am getting through my TBR. It saddens me to know that in my lifetime I will never be able to read all the books that I want to. I know I am not alone in this.

However, throughout the years of being a reader I have come up with plenty of tricks to help me get out of slumps and I thought I would share some with you. All of these could help the next time you feel discouraged to read. Always remember that slumps are completely normal and sometimes you need a break from reading and that is perfectly okay too.

1. Try not to pressure yourself too hard to finish a book

  • Reading should be out of enjoyment not from the pressure to get through books. As book bloggers, I know this can be hard because we take on books to review but try to mood read instead of taking on too many books to review. Only review the books that you have decided to mood read. Yes, I request certain books for book tours but only in the romance genre because I know no matter what my mood is I will want to read that genre. Try not to be too much of an overachiever. Sometimes, it is easier said than done.

2. Always have a book with you
  • By having a book with you at all times you will read more. That way if you have downtime throughout the day maybe your interest to read will spark. You can't read if you don't have anything with you. Instead of just scrolling through your phone why not open up your Kindle app?

3. Re-read a five-star book or an all-time favorite book
  • Read a book that you had pure enjoyment out of before. This could spark your love for reading all over again. There are plenty of books that I have read that I love and why I started loving to read, to begin with.

4. Read a smaller book, magazine, or graphic novel
  • When you are in a reading slump starting a long novel or book is probably not the best idea. Reading something that is light and fluffy is always the best option for me. Hey, as long as you are reading that is all that matters. I will even read a picture book/children's book sometimes when my slumps get extremely bad. I also love short stories or anthologies. 

5. Join a book club
  • Having someone else to encourage you to read always helps. It can be fun to discuss books together too. Plus, you will have a reading deadline to discuss the book.

6. Try an audiobook
  • I love being read to and that is probably why I love audiobooks. Plus, you are still getting through books. It can help when your eyes are tired of reading or if you have a headache etc. Audiobooks are my go-to when I do not feel like reading.

7. Go to a bookstore or library
  • Sometimes, simply being around books will help to motivate me to read again. Treating yourself to a new book can get you excited to read again.

8. Read the first couple pages of several books
  • By only reading a couple pages out of several different books you never know which one could spark your interest or make you want to read more or even the whole entire book. Do not go into any book with certain expectations. 

9. Read a genre you normally don't
  • Maybe, you just need a change in books to spark your interest in reading again. Sometimes, picking up a book outside of the normal genre's that you gravitate towards will help you to get out of a reading slump. It's kind of like a new change in scenery. 

10. Read somewhere you usually do not read
  • A change in scenery can be good to re-spark your interest in books. If you always read in the same corner or bed all the time you could find yourself getting bored. Try something different and go somewhere new. Try reading in public too. This always helps me. I love to read outside especially in the park.

11. Read a new book that you haven't read by an author you previously liked
  • I have several auto-buy authors and I know that no matter what they write nine times out of ten I am usually going to love their other books too. So, if I am in a bad reading slump I will pick up another book from one of my favorite authors. 

12. Change your reading format
  • If you mainly read in one format like a Kindle for example then try reading a paperback next. Or if you mainly read paperbacks pick up an e-book. I have found that switching my reading up like this really helps me. I always have at least one kindle book going and one physical book going at a time. That way depending on my mood I will pick up whatever I am in the mood to read at that given time. This makes me read way more throughout the month.

13. Get excited about books again
  • Whenever I hop onto Goodreads or any bookish site/blog I always get excited about reading again. Sharing your love of books with the world really does make you read more. Maybe, even start blogging yourself if you haven't already. I know the minute I started this blog my reading skyrocketed each year since.

14. Organize your bookshelf
  • Organizing is good and can make you think about reading again. Try getting rid of the books that you know you will never read or pick up again. Making room for new books always makes me excited to read.

15. Set achievable reading goals
  • Setting goals is always a good idea when you want to achieve something. However, do not overestimate or be hard on yourself. Set goals that can be attainable. 

16. Dedicate a specific time to reading every single day. Schedule in reading time.
  • By telling yourself that you are going to read at a specific time per day helps you to read more books. Every day I cannot fall asleep unless I read something. So, when in doubt I always know that I will get some reading done every single night even if I was in a slump during the day... hey, it doesn't matter how much you read in a sitting or how much in one day as long as you read.

How do you usually get yourself out of a reading slump?
Do you already do some of the tips above?