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If I won a large lottery jackpot, I would…

Gosh, when I think of winning the lottery that sounds crazy to me! It is so unbelievably rare but hey you can't win if you don't play.... that's always what my Grandfather used to say at least. I am not a huge gambler myself and have only ever done so a couple times. The most I won ever was $500 at a casino one time on a slot machine. 

I started screaming I was so excited when I won that tons of people started crowding around me because they thought I won some huge jackpot by how excited I was but when they saw it was only $500 they all walked away disappointed. To them, it wasn't a big deal but to me, it was because I am a hella poor broke college student and I have never won anything in my life before. Winning anything to me is always exciting.

If I won the lottery, I would first pay for practical things like.....

1. Paying off my student loan debt
2. Paying off my credit card debt
3. I would buy some books (LMAO imagine that?!)
4. I would travel to Europe or somewhere I have been dying to go.
5. Lastly, I would honestly put the rest in savings and maybe invest in some real estate, etc.

I am a pretty practical person when it comes to money and I do not need anything extravagant. I would still ride my car until it dies. I would never buy an expensive vehicle etc..... I like the simpler things in life and I do not like flaunting money or material items but that is just me. I would make sure that my Grandparents and Parents were taken care of as they get older. Really, paying off my debt would be the main goal. I would spend most of my time traveling more and just living life to the fullest.

What would you do if you won the lottery?