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april 13th: When is a book too long?

To me, length is never a problem when reading unless the book drags on or there is unnecessary parts in the plot. Longer length books do not intimidate me if it is a good story and written well. There have been times when I have read shorter-length novels and I wished they were longer too. It all depends on the author and the book itself. 

Sure, if I am in a reading slump, I am way less likely to turn to a novel with thousands of pages because I want to get myself back into reading again but length does not determine the books that I do read or pick up. A good book is a good book regardless of length. To me, character development is everything. I need to feel connected to the characters and form a personal bond with them in order to finish reading a book. I have to want to know what happens next in the story.

According to my profile which analyzes your reading habits from Goodreads it even says that the length of a book does not impact my reading! This I totally agree with.

I always feel crazy accomplished whenever I finish a big book. Nothing is more satisfying if you ask me. 

When are books too long for you?
On average how many pages do you read?