I can’t believe this is the last January Top Ten Tuesday topic! Next week is February already and this year is flying by already. I swear that every single year keeps going by faster and faster. Next month my blog is turning 3 years old! If you have been with me since the beginning I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such dedicated readers. If you are new to my blog then thank you so much for stopping by! 

Today, the TTT topic is to share 10 authors you discovered in 2020 that you are excited to read more books by! 2020 I discovered several new favorite authors/auto-buy authors. This week has been extremely hard for me. My grandfather passed away yesterday and my family and I could use all the prayers we can get right now. He was like a father to me. I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS POP POP!

For this topic, I will list the author's that I discovered in 2020 and the books I have loved by them so far. 

1. Lauren Blakely

2. Piper Lawson

3. Layla Hagen

4. Max Monroe

5. J.H. Croix

6. Carly Phillips

7. Penelope Ward

8. Vi Keeland

9. Laura Lee

10. Gina Azzi

Have you read any of the books above or want to read any of them?
What authors did you discover in 2020 that you love?



  1. I'm glad you found so many great new authors to read last year!

    My post.

  2. Love your lists!!! My favorite Romance Authors are..

    1. Tijan
    2. LJ Shen
    3. Ella Fields
    4. Dylan Allen
    5. Mickey Miller
    6. Kendall Ryan
    7. Elle Kennedy
    8. L.A. Cotton
    9. Vi Keeland
    10. Whitney G.

    Some new to me authors so far this year...Eliah Greenwood, Lylah James, Becker Gray, Kristy Marie,B Celeste, Fiona Cole, Monica James, and A. Zaverelli! Enjoyed all of the books I read by these authors!

    1. I am glad you love them! I for sure like writing list posts the most on my blog. I find them to be the most helpful. Man, I will have to check in with a lot of those author's you listed because I have never heard of a lot of them. Do you have a goodread's account that I can follow?


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