Healing My Heart
Author: Gina Azzi
Published: December 3, 2020
Pages: 300
Genre: Contemporary Romance
My Rating: 
Going home for the holidays is supposed to be joyful and relaxing. Until I land in Chicago and reconnect with Evan Holt. Cue anxiety, hopeful star eyes, and sweaty palms. Three years ago, the ambitious lawyer and steadfast single dad broke my heart. That hasn’t stopped him from appearing in my dreams or lingering in my thoughts as a big, unanswered “what-if?” Now, I’m back, he’s here, and I’m volunteering to babysit his son Ollie. Slipping back into old routines with Evan is easy. It isn’t long until I’m desperate for his touch, longing for his smile, and giddy to see him at the end of each day. But our spark is about to be snuffed out. As things between Evan and me heat up, my past comes roaring back. In the shape of a man who damaged me a million times worse than Evan, forging my jaded heart. In a dangerous threat that looms larger the closer Evan and I become. Three years ago, Evan Holt didn’t fight for me. This time, he’s not backing down. I am.

***Healing My Heart is a sweet and sexy single dad, second chance romance. It can be read as a standalone.


A single parent gets a second chance at love during the holidays.
When I saw that Healing My Heart was a second chance at love story set around Christmas time... I knew that I had to pick it up to try. This was the first book that I had read by Gina Azzi and I absolutely adored her writing style. You can read this book out of the series like I did in no specific order. It is a standalone story. I had no idea it was even a series before requesting the ARC to read.

I loved the two main character's Charlie and Evan. Evan is a single dad and totally swoonable. He comes across Charlie and they instantly hit it off and sparks fly. Only Evan is too afraid to commit to Charlie and get hurt again. This leaves Charlie devasted and she goes back to New York City to pick herself up. 

Only then does she comes home for the Christmas holiday to fall back into old patterns with Evan again. Will this second chance at love pan out? Yes, the story was predictable but only at it's best! There are some twists and turns in there that made it more than worth reading. I love how realistic this novel was and Azzi did a great job at that. Healing My Heart put me in the holiday mood and has spurred me to read other Christmas themed romances. I loved the ending of the book because it was nothing short of perfection! YAY for the single dad trope!

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