Bonds of Love & Blood
Author: Marylee Macdonald
Publisher: Grand Canyon Press
Published: October 31, 2018
Pages: 248
Genre: Short Stories
Twelve stories of wayward travelers. Twelve stamps on the passport of the soul. Walter struggles to see past his disfigurement, but a trip to Thailand and a mysterious woman may challenge his quest for perfection. Married to a workaholic, Leslie is accustomed to solitude until her overbearing Indian mother-in-law turns her kitchen into a verbal battlefield. A woman looks for the perfect souvenir in the Turkish Bazaar and instead finds a passionate love affair. From ice storms in Maine to swimming pools in Vera Cruz, errant souls must grapple with past baggage to forge profound connections and a new sense of direction. At home and abroad, solitary travelers embark on journeys that take them where they never expected to go. Bonds of Love & Blood is a poignant collection of award-winning stories featuring life's unexpected arrivals and departures. If you like intimate accounts of lives at the crossroads, vibrant portrayals of global locales, and elegantly-crafted prose, then you'll love Marylee MacDonald's compelling tales of travel. Buy Bonds of Love & Blood to embark on a heart-wrenching journey of love, loss, and redemption today!

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Marylee MacDonald writes classic short stories that read like mini novels. Tracy Fisher, a reviewer for Readers' Favorite, said this. "I simply cannot get over how fantastic this book was! Anyone who knows me knows that I love short stories in general. Being able to pick up a book and read a complete story as I'm riding the bus to work or sitting in a waiting room for an appointment is simply a delight. But when I started reading BONDS OF LOVE AND BLOOD, I found a completely different experience. I simply could not put this down." When she's not writing, Marylee MacDonald is walking the beach, strolling through a redwood forest, or hiking in the red rocks of Sedona.
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