Crossed Lines
Lana Sky
Publication date: August 14th, 2019
Genres: Adult, Coming of Age, Women’s Fiction
Psychopath. Borderline. Crazy.
Seventeen-year-old Maryanne Mayweather wears each term like a badge of pride. Expelled from her twelfth boarding school, she lands on the doorstep of her flighty aunt Elaine and Elaine’s husband James, one more screw-up away from being made a ward of the state.
Once a successful author, the last thing James Thorne wants is to care for his wife’s bratty teenage niece, especially with his marriage falling apart. When Maryanne crafts an elaborate plan to defame and destroy him, they both discover that words are more powerful than either of them could imagine. And as their relationship goes down a path neither envisioned, the consequences are swift and far-reaching.
Some lines weren’t meant to be crossed.
★★★★★ “It is more, so much more than you’d expect. This is a gripping, thought provoking read that easily and quickly ensnares you in Maryanne and James’ story. A story that pushes boundaries, buttons and crosses big red lines of both the reader and the characters involved.” ~ Amazon Reviewer
★★★★★ “Reading Crossed Lines was a bit like riding a roller-coaster. The slow build of the storyline was like the clicking and clacking of the coaster while on it’s way to the top – a false sense of knowing what lied ahead. I was so ignorant of what truly waited for me just a few clicks away.
Once the story peeked I couldn’t put it down -trapped in the pages – my lungs fighting to breathe – then slowly the rhythmic click followed by the clack returned and with it my breath. I relaxed believing that the worst was over.
It wasn’t.” ~ Amazon Reviewer
★★★★★ “It rocked my world, my heart, and my brain. I can’t recommend this enough if you are down for an unconventional ride for one of the TOP READS OF THE YEAR!!” ~ Amazon Reviewer
“You need me, huh?” he taunts against my mouth, sounding so, so angry. “Do you want to ruin my life that badly? Fine, then. Get me fired. Go ahead.” A hiss escapes his lips when I don’t pull away like he wants me to. Like he needs me to.
I stay.
And it’s just a kiss at first. A kiss…
Slow. Electrifying. Deeper.
His hands creep into my hair, raking. My own hands are clinging to him for dear life. We’re at the edge of a glaring red boundary—I can feel it, a sensation like balancing on the edge of a cliff. One wrong move, and whoosh!
He should push me away now. I tense, preparing for it. My heart thumps, steeling against the pain. I’m ready to fall alone.
But he keeps kissing me. Touching me. Drowning me.
And, with one swift motion, we both jump.

Author Bio:
Lana Sky is a reclusive writer in the United States who spends most of her time daydreaming about complex male characters and legless cats. She writes mostly paranormal romance, in between watching reruns of Ab Fab and drinking iced tea. Only iced tea.
Drain Me is her debut novel and the first novel in the upcoming "Ellie Gray Chronicles."