She's the Worst
Author: Lauren Spieller
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Release Date: September 3, 2019
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary, Realistic Fiction
My Rating: 

Sisters April and Jenn haven’t been close in years. Jenn’s too busy with school, the family antique shop, and her boyfriend, and April would rather play soccer and hang out with the boy next door. But when April notices her older sister is sad about staying home for college, she decides to do something about it. The girls set off to revive a pact they made as kids: spend an epic day exploring the greatest hits of their childhood and all that Los Angeles has to offer. Then April learns that Jenn has been keeping a secret that could rip their family—and their feuding parents—apart. With only one day to set things right, the sisters must decide if their relationship is worth saving, or if the truth will tear them apart for good.
Two estranged sisters come together for one day before college.
I love books that center around family. As a little girl, I always wanted a sister. Sadly, I don't have one. However, I always use books to live vicariously through. Immediately, after picking up She's the Worst, I became fully immersed in the story. It had everything going in a novel that I look for when picking up a book. Centering on two sisters that come from a family that thrift and own an antique shop! Heck yes! For once, I had no idea where the plot was going in this novel. Not the least bit predictable.

The fights amongst the mother and father were very hard to read for me. Coming from a family of divorce, it was almost cringe-worthy and triggering for me. This is the only reason why I couldn't give the novel five stars. Also, the whole secret in the book was not what I was expecting. This girl was hoping for some huge plot twist! I leave five-star ratings for my favorite books. Otherwise, the book was very entertaining. If you want a rollercoaster kind of book of emotion then you have to pick this one up!

The sister relationship/sibling relationship was very well developed. It was believable in every single way. I loved the way sibling rivalry was portrayed. The book is told from dual perspective and this totally made the novel that much better. Getting to see that there are two sides to every story. I loved how different Jenn and April are but still love each other immensely. The book shows the importance of family. The grandmother is always supportive and checking in throughout the book. This made me think of my own grandma. 

Set in Los Angeles, the girls visit a bunch of iconic spots throughout the book. This made me smile as visiting California and all it has to offer is a highlight of my memories. They visit a lot of my favorite beaches and more. It gave me all the California feels and is now making me want to go back to visit! Set in the Summer, the book became very atmospheric. If you want a good easy contemporary read with some depth you have to check this one out!   

Lauren Spieller is an author and literary agent who lives in New York with her husband. When she isn’t writing, she can be found drinking lattes, pining for every dog she sees or visiting her native California. She is the author of Your Destination is on the Left and She’s the Worst. Follow her on Twitter @laurenspieller and Instagram @laurenspieller. You can also visit her website at Photo Cred: Dave Cross Photography