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July 21st: five items I can't live without

Man, I need to get better about participating in Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge. This week is all about five items that I cannot live without. This is such a fun topic..

1. Books: This is a given one. I need my books period. What would I do for entertainment after all? I read more than I watch tv always have. Even if I was stranded on an island somewhere or in the middle of nowhere I would still need books.

2. Potatoes: My favorite food. I go through potato withdrawal if I don't have potatoes for a couple of days. I am not kidding. 

3. Air conditioner: I am hot all the time. If I lived in a time without an air conditioner I honestly don't know what I would do. I have already been in houses and buildings without modern air conditioners before and I am miserable. To me, nothing is worse than being hot. My sanity goes if I am overheated. 
4. Water: This is kinda an obvious one. You need water to live. 

5. Music/something to play music: I need music for my sanity. So, I guess I need something to play music from like my computer or cell phone at least or a radio. Anything so that I can listen to music.

What items can you not live without?