The Love Virus
Author: Eleni Cay
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: Stavanger Poetry Society
Published: April 2020
Pages: 493
When Katie finds out that her increasingly unresponsive legs and extreme fatigue is due to Multiple Sclerosis, she rides an emotional rollercoaster – anger, denial, and fear – when faced with a wheelchair-bound existence. She puts her studies at Oxford on hold, and she splits up from her fiancĂ©, Mark, even though she still loves him. While undergoing treatment, Katie is diagnosed with MS2 – a virus that paralyzes the mind. In the hospital, Katie has to cope with her irritating bedfellows who argue constantly, and where she is treated by Dr Andrews, a handsome psychologist. The closer she gets to him, however, the worse her pain becomes. Compounding Katie’s struggle is Mark, who returns to her bedside day after day. Once Katie begins Dr Andrews’ new experimental MS2 treatment, Mark can’t recognize her anymore. He begins to wonder if Katie will ever be cured.

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Eleni Cay is a Slovakian-born poet living in the UK and Norway. Her most recent poems appeared in Acumen, Atticus Review, The Cardiff Review, and Poetry Ireland Review. Eleni is known for her filmpoems and dancepoems, which have been screened at international festivals and featured on Button Poetry. Her award-winning first collection was published by Parthian Books and her pamphlets were published by Westbury Arts Centre and Eyewear Press. Her debut novel 'The Love Virus' was described as a 'novel that quietly changes lives'.