The Epics of Rathhild: Volume I: The Darkness Within
Author: Jabari Ashanti
Publisher: Authorhouse
Published: January 17th, 2020
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 120
In a medieval world fresh off the heels of a long war, the elite of Rathhild battle against a rogue sorcerer bent on revenge. What they find in their quest to stop him, may change the world as they know it.

Hello all, If you're reading this then I've already succeeded. I'm a young self-published author hoping to increase his knowledge of this world and its systems. You can also join my Facebook author page (@rathhild) for updates on my upcoming works! :) I started writing this book at the age of 16. My friends and I used to go into the woods after school every day doing questionable activities and making up tales of our legend. After some time in the army, I was deployed overseas and found the old file sitting in my drive. I decided to finish and publish it right after, to prove to myself that I could.