Dream Riders
Author: Taylor Kole
Genre: Horror, Suspense, Paranormal
Published: March 27, 2020
Pages: 387
Corey and Marci start a daring business where they manipulate clients into having dreams of immense clarity and recall. All they want is to provide a better life for their daughter, yet on their second Dream Ride into a stranger's mind, they discover a malevolent Being. Their quest to understand and survive this Being are thwarted by a wealthy client's growing obsession with controlling their talent. Facing dangers from this world and beyond, Corey and Marci are led into a storm of dark creation and peril. Only blind trust in one another can save them, but everyone has their limits.

Lifeline fan of Crichton, Koontz, and King. I was spoiled by these authors. They wrote daring and original stories that pushed our imaginations and made people say, “What if?” I hope to add to this mix genre of horror, sci-fi. You will be the judge. I only ask for a chance.