Blogging, in recent years, has become one of my favorite things to do. It is more than a job for me... It is one of my favorite hobbies. Probably, because I have always been a lover of writing and reading. Writing has always been one of the best ways that I can express myself. To blog and share my thoughts with the world is a beautiful and powerful thing.

Over the years, I have learned and come across many resources or blog articles like this one that has helped me form my blog. When it comes to blogging and websites, I am self-taught. I have spent hours and hours researching the newest and greatest lists of resources for my blogging life to be easier. Like anything in life, you have to keep up with the trends and there is always something new to be learned about blogging. Things that worked months ago no longer are relevant.

Blogging takes a lot of time and effort but the rewards are unlike anything. Plus, it allows me to work from home since I cannot work in public... (due to disabilities). Honestly, I would not want to do anything else though even if I could because I love to blog so much.

I am blessed to be apart of the blogging world. The amount of friends that I have made is incredible from all over the world! If you are thinking about starting a blog... do not hesitate! Take the plunge. The internet is always waiting for the newest and greatest new blog to read. Most blog readers are bloggers themselves. We are a dedicated group of individuals.

Here is a list of all of my favorite resources that I use to be successful at blogging:

If you are not on Pinterest then you are wasting tons of free advertisement for your blog. I will not rant that much about it because I have other blog posts that you can read up on about it. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a business Pinterest profile. You will not regret it. Also, do not forget to add me as a friend too. I love following and supporting other bloggers! Chances are, you might have even been drawn to this post by Pinterest in the first place.

Another social media account that is vital to bringing traffic to your blog. A lot of my networking and traffic comes from Twitter. Honestly, I do not know how people have a business without one.

Facebook is a great social media site that will bring traffic to your blog as well. I utilize a business page and group pages to help spread the word about my blog and all of my bookish events.

Anytime, that I have an HTML or coding question that I do not know how to do... I turn to this site. There are countless and countless of HTML topics that can be of help to you.

I use this site for color schemes for all of my posts and designs on my blog. The colors are gorgeous to incorporate within your photos.

6. Canva
Oh, how can I express my love for Canva! All of your blog designs and photo designs can be made here. Most bloggers use Canva and I am one of them. Plus, the basic plan is free!

I love this site for free stock photos that you can use on your blog. All are royalty-free! Plus, they are high-resolution photos.

Install this easy to use app on your desktop and it will help you with grammatical errors on your blog posts and writing. It is so easy to use and such a lifesaver.

9. coolors
Another great site for color schemes.

10. dafont
Thousands of free fonts that you can download and use.

Run your twitter analytics with this free site. It shows all of your mentions and gives you your potential reach score. 

12. easil
An alternative to Canva but just as good. The paid version gives you more templates to use but the free version is still just as good. Easil allows you to create more font effects than Canva does.

13. Tailwind
I don't know what I ever did without tailwind for Pinterest. This site is amazing for scheduling and promoting your pins on Pinterest. You can network with other fellow bloggers on the site too. The things on this website are endless and I contribute my Pinterest audience success to it. I swear by Tailwind as a blogger and a lot of other bloggers do too. Sign up with my link above and you will get one month free to try it. I guarantee you will see the difference in your site growth. 

What are some of your favorite blogging resources? I love finding new ones. So, please share in the comments down below. What do you enjoy most about blogging or blogs in general?