Buckskin Cody Book Blitz

Buckskin Cody
Author: James Montgomery
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, New Adult Romance
Published: April 15th, 2020
Pages: 168
Amanda Parisi and her gay cousin, Zack, are determined to transform their line of men’s clothing, Buckskin USA, into a household name. But there's just one problem: they can’t afford to hire a male model for their upcoming underwear campaign. Then a chance encounter with a convict-on-the-run named Cody Campbell turns their dilemma into an answered prayer once he agrees to do the job for free . . . well, as long as they're willing to provide him shelter until the heat dies down. Shelter? Well, hell yeah, they’ll provide him shelter! Whatever it takes to get this freakin’ company off the ground! But neither Amanda nor Zack has any idea how much impact Cody will have on the Buckskin brand, and the small business they’ve been operating out of their house soon becomes a juggernaut of epic proportions . . . thanks to help from Jesus Himself, the congregation of Mt. Moriah Pentecostal church, a hoard of Mexicans hoping to avoid deportation, a narcissistic cop who likes posing for naughty pictures, a New Orleans housewife out for revenge, and a spot news reporter who will do anything (and I do mean ANYTHING) to win an Emmy!

James Montgomery currently resides in Brookhaven, Mississippi. His debut novel, Buckskin Cody, was named a finalist for RWA's Rosemary Award, Wisconsin RWA's Fab Five Competition, and Southwest Florida RWA's High Five Competition. He is now at work on his next novel, another romantic comedy set in the Deep South.


  1. Love seeing the representation of the LGBTQ community!


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