Treachery in the Sky 
Author: John C. Waugh
Genre: Kids/Tween Adventure Murder Mystery
Publisher: John C Waugh
Published: January 27th, 2013
Pages: 174
Spacecity was once a colony of Earth. The residents made it into an independent country, and now Earth corporations want to take back control. Young Kim-Li joins her criminologist father on his latest case, in orbit, as they land in the middle of the takeover plot. Unknown to her father, Kim-Li must face the ultimate space terror.

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Born in Manhattan, now on a small island in the Pacific Northwest, and loving it.My writing has been an amalgam over time:---A series of science articles in Cricket Magazine---The Magic Rock, a kids' book for Hougton-Mifflin---Kansai Airport, kids' book about the Japanese turning a mountain top into a new sea island with a runway---Astronomy Magazine articles & photos---Many sf short stories, eg White Lies and Alibis published in Terra Incognita magazine (and also some alien cartoons of mine appear there)---An eight minute play, performed off-Broadway in Manhattan---Treachery in the Sky, an 8-tween mystery/adventure/action book with a light sf context---And a number of other works, including two adult sf novels ready to goSince childhood, I've loved science and science fiction. I've taught high school science and math for several decades, and my Amazon book Treachery in the Sky comes out of that. It is an attempt to be scientifically accurate with an exciting kids' novel.My interests include music, chess, zen, and giant soap bubbles. And of course, my family. I'm living on ""the friendly isle,"" population about 2,500. What more could I want?