In February my blog is turning two! The time has gone by so incredibly fast. I have learned a few things along the way when it comes to blogging that I wish I knew in the very beginning. For the most part, I have learned everything by trial and error. 

When blogging it's important to just jump into it right away and not hold back. Don't have any hesitations otherwise, you will never start. First and foremost, blog for yourself. Blogging is one incredible journey but also so worth it!

1. It's a lot of work
I spend hours on my blog each week trying to perfect my posts. Nothing will ever be perfect. I know that but I at least want to try my best and be proud of what I write. Blogging takes time and dedication. If you aren't going to put in the work or effort then you probably shouldn't blog. Blogging isn't always easy. You need to have the determination to write and get things done. If you are going into blogging for the money right in the beginning it's not going to happen overnight. It takes many hours to start seeing a profit back onto your blog. Making money isn't always the easiest.

2. You need to promote on social media
A lot of time is spent on social media when you want to grow your blog. Learn social media well because there is no way to really grow your blog to its full potential without it. Start using all social media platforms right from the beginning. The main platforms you absolutely need to be utilizing are Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Without these, my blog would not be where it is today. I spend more time on social media than on my actual blog.

3. Learn basic HTML coding
Doing anything on my blog I needed to learn basic HTML coding. Not only for my layout theme for my website but also for my posts. I am all self-taught. You can find many youtube videos and other teaching HTML sites to help you out. Don't fret though... learning anything new takes time. I am constantly learning new things and growing as a blogger. Just take deep breathes. Plus, you can always hire someone else to help you. Your theme and layout are very important. No one wants to read a blog that isn't designed out well and easily readable.

4. Make your blog easily shareable
All of your blog posts should have a social media share button. Make the buttons easy to find so your readers have easy access to it. Shares on your blog matter and it's free promotion to drive more traffic and potential income to your page.

5. Promote old posts
It's important to promote old posts just as much as new ones. Just because you wrote something a year ago doesn't mean it's not great content. In fact, you have just as much of a chance of getting someone to read your blog with old posts as with new ones. All of your posts on your blog are golden for driving new readers to your blog. 

6. Set up Google Analytics right away
When I first started blogging I was not utilizing Google Analytics. I suffered because I was not using it. With Google Analytics you can see traffic trends on your blog and who your audience is and what appeals to them. It's super important to be writing posts that gain the most traffic. You can see what niche's and topics appeal to your reader/fan base. Plus, it's a free resource! 

7. Commenting on other blogs is important
Networking is key. Bloggers read other blogs it's as simple as that. Pretty much all of my traffic is from other fellow bloggers. As bloggers, we all want to help each other. If you read a blog post always comment below your thoughts and appreciate other fellow bloggers for the hard work they put into their blogs. You want comments just as much on your blog so why not return the favor? Plus, if your comment links back to your blog that's potential to gain a new reader for free to click back to your page. Free advertisement people! Connections are everything in the blogging world. Start forming those connections early.

8. Most posts require research
Whether you are trying to come up with new post topics or writing posts, in general, you will have to do some research. It's important to stay active in research. Plus, readers want accurate pieces of information. People want to learn. Sometimes, I spend hours researching specific ideas or topics for posts. Get all your facts straight it's very important.

9. It's okay to not have one strict niche
It's okay to write posts outside of your niche... or to even not have a niche. Not having a specific niche will drive many different readers to your blog. Everyone is looking for something different or a different answer to their problems. I love writing about different topics. One of my blog posts could be talking about books than anything from fashion or mental health! It's good to attract many different readers. It's okay to not have a clear niche or topic surrounding your blog. Your blog is whatever you make it. Don't let other people dictate what you want to write about. Write for you.

10. Mean comments happen
It's unfortunate but mean comments do happen when you put yourself out on the internet. Don't listen to them. It's okay to block people. Stay strong in who you are and don't allow them to bring you down or make you stop blogging. Remember you initially started your blog for you. Keep your head up and remain confident in yourself and blog.

11. Photos matter
Having photos on each post is very important. People are visual learners. Making each and every post pretty is a must. Otherwise, people will not be engaged in your writing. A great photo makes a world of difference. Photos make your blog stand out against thousands of others.

12. Do not overanalyze each post
Nothing is ever going to be perfect. If you overanalyze each and every post it will never be done or posted. Don't be afraid to hit that published button. You can always go back and fix things later if you really want to. Get your work out into the world. Don't be nervous. If you are not getting the views that you want on a post you worked hard on don't fret. Viewers will come eventually. It takes time to grow anything in life that is worthwhile. The important thing is to enjoy what you do and writing itself.

13. Blog titles matter
Having a great blog title is what drives people to your blog. Blog titles that are written well will rank better on Google searches. The potential of blog growth relies heavily on a good blog title and keywords. At the beginning of starting to blog, I wish I would have paid better attention to my blog titles. Check out my blog post on this 8 AMAZING FREE RESOURCES TO HELP IMPROVE BLOG TITLES HACKS.

Every single time that I write a new post... I learn something new. It's okay not to be an expert right away. No one is. The important thing is to just start blogging. There are always people willing to help you on your blogging journey. I love helping new bloggers out. My blog is constantly improving and growing. That's life for you. With anything in life, you learn as you go.

What have you learned from blogging that you wish you knew in the beginning? What tips did you find useful from above? I would love to know all your thoughts, questions, etc in the comments down below. I hope you are having a wonderful day.