Blogging is sometimes a lot of work but honestly, it is one of my favorite hobbies. There is just something about the simple task of writing a blog post that makes me calm. It is a very healing thing and helps my depression and anxiety. 

However, sometimes you can spend hours and put a lot of work into a blog post, and then it gets almost new views or comments. You can feel a sense of defeat like is anyone reading my blog at all? First and foremost don't start blogging just for the views. Blog for yourself and I will assure you the viewers will come. It takes time to build an audience but the important thing is to not give up. 

I blog for myself and if a post gets views then great! Some posts will get more views than others and that is okay. On my blog, book lists and blogging advice always seem to get the most views. Knowing your audience when you blog is key! 

There are tons of ways to highlight/share your posts all over the internet. Some work better than others but I thought I would share all of the best places to do so in this post. To get viewers on your blog, you have to share your posts and advertise. Without doing so, your blog probably won't get any views. Making connections with other bloggers is extremely important. Other bloggers read blogs. To be a successful blogger you have to share your work with the world.

here are all of the best sites to share your blog posts:

1. Comment on other blogs and cross-promote your posts:

One of the biggest ways to get blog views is to cross-promote on other blog sites. Leave valuable comments on other blogs and casually link back to your blog in the comments. It is important not to spam other people's sites but you want to share your blog too with the site owner. Hey, you may even get a new blog reader to your blog that way. Bloggers read other blogs and if you have valuable things to say on your website they will come and check out your site!

2. Pinterest:

This is the biggest social media site that you should be cross-promoting all blog posts too. Pinterest group boards are a must that you should be joining. My group boards drive thousands of traffic to my blog. My Book Blog Inspiration group board is a prime example. Other bloggers have joined this group board of mine and we all cross-promote each other's blog posts. I have other group boards as well. My post on 100+ PINTEREST GROUP BOARDS FOR EVERY BLOG NICHE has a list of group boards that you can join to drive the traffic of your blog up. Make sure you have a business account set up for your blog on your Pinterest. Another great post of mine to read that I recommend on Pinterest is A Guide To Pinterest SEO - 13 Tips To Skyrocket Your Blog. The majority of my traffic comes from Pinterest alone because of this it is very important for bloggers to utilize Pinterest and all of its capabilities... Plus, it's completely free so why wouldn't you use it?

Depending on how active I am on Pinterest my monthly views can go up or down... Here are the monthly views I have this month because of Pinterest. These views drove traffic to my blog/posts.

3. Twitter:

Twitter is a great free social media site to promote all of your blog posts on. If it weren't for Twitter I wouldn't have met a lot of the other blogger friends that I have. Make sure your Twitter is set up professionally to drive more traffic to your blog and make sure your profile lists your blog in your website link. Otherwise, if people can't find your blog how are you supposed to promote it? I utilize free promotion twitter profiles all the time as well to help drive even more traffic to my site. Retweet accounts are lifesavers and of course, post your new posts every time you post a new blog post. Also, check out my post on 8 TIPS TO GROW YOUR TWITTER to be successful on Twitter. Don't forget to engage with your followers. My Twitter account looks like this for my blog. Make sure you have something similar that looks professional.

4. Instagram:

Instagram is a must for bloggers. Sharing photos really does skyrocket your blog traffic to your website. Make sure your Instagram has your website on your profile and your profile looks professional. Here is mine for example. I utilize Instagram Stories to drive even more traffic to my blog.

5. Facebook:

Make sure you have a business page that looks professional that lists what your website has to offer. Every time you have a blog post make sure you are sharing it on that business page. There are also Facebook groups for bloggers that you can utilize to share your posts and drive up your traffic on your blog. You can even create your own Facebook group for your blog as well. Here are some of the groups that I am currently in. My business page is Here!

6. Bookbub:

I love Bookbub. It is a great site to post what books you are reading as well as your reviews. You can follow authors too. I love how Bookbub shows you all the bookish discounts across different sites mainly Amazon. It is a great way to talk/discover all things bookish. Basically, it is like another Goodreads and essential for book blogger's I must say! Go ahead and give me a follow! Tracking your reading progress has never been this fun.

7. Goodreads:

I love tracking books and my reading progress on Goodreads. Plus, there are tons of bookish groups you can join to chat and meet other readers alike. I have met tons of people, bloggers, and authors via Goodreads. Nothing is more satisfying than setting and meeting your Goodreads reading goals. This is where I find new releases in the reading world as well as book recommendations. Before I pick what I am going to read next I look at the book's Goodreads profile. Posting all your book reviews here is essential especially if you are a book blogger. There are even book giveaways you can win on here to win free books. I have won a few already! Go ahead and give me a follow!

8. Youtube:

Making videos or promoting your blog in the comments of other videos can really skyrocket your blog traffic. You can even post a video promoting your blog for free on Youtube. It is a great way to meet other bloggers and influencers online. I LOVE YOUTUBE! It is one great free resource. Before I started blogging I started on Youtube and grew my audience that way. Check out my channel here!

9. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is for sure the most professional social media site. It is a great way to connect with other bloggers and people within your specific industry and for marketing purposes. I have met a lot of people via LinkedIn it is a great way to showcase your skills. Joining specific Linkedin groups to promote your blog posts is also a great way to drive traffic to your blog. Posting on your homepage all of your blog posts helps as well to drive traffic to your website because all of your followers will see those updates on their homepage or they could possibly share your post as well only driving more traffic to your blog. Give me a follow on Linkedin here and let's connect! Make sure your profile looks professional and lists out all of your qualifications.

Here are some great Linkedin groups to join:

10. Email List/Newsletter:

Building an email list early on is super important. This is something I need to work more on and fail at miserably. Offering incentives to your blog viewers to join your mailing list could help to gain more followers on your email list. Every time there is a new post on your blog you should be sharing it with your email list to drive traffic to your blog. The more frequent reader's to your blog the better.

11. Reddit:

Text posts enable you to submit your own original content, which is important for driving quality traffic to your site/blog. Redditors can either upvote or downvote each submission. This concept is called karma. Building your tribe on Reddit is important. Within comments and posts, you can link back to your blog. Be sure to post valuable content. Make sure you are posting and searching posts via your niche.

12: Quora:

Be sure to only link to content that truly provides value to the reader. Use screenshots and other imagery to make your answer easier to read and to provide even more value. Make sure you have a good profile bio that links back to your blog. Write answers to questions like a pro and maybe even link back to certain blog posts on your blog. For example, someone could ask how do I get more traffic on my blog? Then, I could link back to this specific blog post. This in return just promoted my blog and then I may gain a new reader to my blog because of it.

13. Bloglovin':

This is the social media site of all social media sites to promote blogs. Simply copy and paste the HTML code and add it on your sidebars or somewhere on your blog. You can also add it within a post. With just one click, new users will be subscribed to all your future published blog posts! To get fancy, you can custom create your “follow me on Bloglovin' button. You can even follow other blogs and blogs in your niche to grow your audience.

14. Your own blog:

Use your own blog to link back to old posts that are relevant. Within certain blog posts link other blog posts you think are relevant to that specific post that the reader may want to read as well. For example, go check out one of my old posts here called Free Blogging Resources I Could Not Live Without! See what I just did there? This drives traffic to your blog and keeps the reader on your website longer.

15. Tiktok:

You can promote your blog also through videos on Tiktok. Make sure your business account is set up for your blog. That way your website link is in your bio. Tiktok has exploded in recent years, especially during the pandemic. A lot of videos go viral and in the comments of your videos and others, you can share your blog and blog posts. You can follow any account in your niche as well and make friends all over the world. I am newer to Tiktok but you can follow me here!

16. Guest blogging:

Guest blogging is great because it allows you to post on other blogs but then drives traffic back to your own blog. You may even gain a new reader or two from other people's blogs. I am always looking for other blogs to collaborate with. So, hit me up!

17. Weekly/monthly blog memes:

I participate in a few blog memes each week where you can link up your blog on other people's blogs on basic themes/topics. Some of my favorites include Top Ten Tuesday, Book Blogger Hop, Tell Me Something Tuesday, Monthly Discussion Challenge, and Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge.

18. Giveaways:

Hosting giveaways on your blog really do drive the traffic up on your website. You may just gain a new reader or two. Posts with giveaways always get tons of traffic because everyone likes winning free stuff. Plus, it rewards your members for visiting/reading your blog.

19. Yahoo Answers:

Yahoo Answers is a great/free resource to use to drive traffic to your blog. The first thing to do is fill out your Yahoo Answers profile and then look for unanswered questions. You can link back to your blog posts to answer those questions. In return, it brings people to your blog. You may even gain a new reader or two in the process. Being the first person to answer the question works to your advantage. However, don't over-promote yourself.

20. Influenster:

I have gotten tons of free products by being on Influenster all in exchange for reviews on products given for free. In your reviews, you can link back to your blog or blog post on the product reviews. Your Influenster profile should also be linking back to your blog and all of your social media. It is a free advertisement for your handles/blog. Plus, you get free stuff out of it. People can even follow you. You are able to work with big brands and companies. Some companies I have worked with in the past include Maybelline, L'Oreal, Olay, and Not Your Mother's.

Go ahead and follow me here! Influenster gives you an impact score based on your social media handles and how many followers you have. The bigger impact scores the better chances of companies wanting to work with you.

21. Amazon:

Make sure your Amazon profile is set up. You can list your social media handles and your website on your profile. You can follow other accounts too. Any time you buy something on Amazon make sure you are reviewing it. This can drive more people to your blog. Go ahead and give me a follow! Plus, people can buy you items off your wishlist.

I hope this list helps you increase the traffic on your blog. Not getting the viewers you expected on your posts can be discouraging but it's important to never give up and to keep trying. Being active and posting frequently really does make a difference in the blogging world. It's important to realize some posts get more views than others. It's important to pay attention to your readers and audience. Making sure you are looking at your site statistics and analytics is key in knowing what types of posts perform well on your blog. I hope this helps and as always if you have any questions you can always ask me.

What do you do to promote your blog/posts?
Where do you get most of your blog traffic from?
What are some tips that you can share with me?
What has worked or not worked for you in the past?