I have been blogging for almost two years. It will be two years in February of 2020! The time has gone by so incredibly fast. When I first started blogging..... I had no idea what I was doing. Everything that I have learned on my blog have all been self-taught. It required a lot of research on my part and countless hours on Google researching. Youtube has also been a savor. I watched just about every blogging tip video. I also read a lot of posts just like this one on other blogs. Some posts and tips were better than others.

It doesn't matter if you just started your blog today or five years ago. These tips you should be implementing in your everyday blogging life. From day one, I treated my blog like a business. Blogging fulltime isn't for everyone that's for sure. However, I love writing and I love what I do. So, working full time on my blog to make it a source of my income was and always will be a big goal of mine. I am constantly growing and learning. That is the beauty of blogging. I love being able to go back to old posts of mine and see how my writing and posts have grown for the better.

Most importantly, you should always blog for yourself first! It's not only about numbers!

1. Start an email list right away
When I started blogging I didn't care as much about growing my email list. This became such a downfall for my blog. I also could have been making money months earlier if I would have cared about growing my email list. It's important to reach out to your email list. Those are the most loyal readers of your blog. STOP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING NOW AND ADD A NEWSLETTER SUBMISSION FORM TO YOUR BLOG RIGHT NOW! There is no way you will be able to profit as much from your blog without one. Every top blogger out there will tell you the same thing.

2. Sign up and be consistent on all social media
Make a social media presence for yourself on all platforms. The most important ones are Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Instagram is also a must. Don't underestimate the power of free advertisement. Social media is where I get the most clicks to my blog.

3. Don't just promote new blog posts
Don't just promote new blog posts on your social media. Post your old posts too. Old blog posts are just as important and good to promote to gain new readers and followers. All of your posts are valuable and can drive traffic to your blog. I don't care whether I wrote something two years ago or yesterday... I will promote them the same amount. After all, some of my most viral posts are some of my oldest posts. Old posts still gain me readers just the same and are just as important to me. Treat all your posts the same way. Never underestimate good information.

4. Engage with your readers
Have a voice on the internet. Why would you write something and get comments and not engage with those comments? I have gained a lot of amazing insight from other bloggers by engaging with them. If you don't put yourself out there...... nothing is ever going to change. The worst thing that could happen is the person just won't reply. No harm is done there. Comment back to every single comment on your blog that was made. It lets your readers know that they are appreciated and that you took the time to comment and read their comments. I have gained a bunch of friends and people to talk to because of being engaged with my audience. It's another way to learn things from other bloggers too by asking them questions in return.

5. Leave comments on other blogs
Not only is it free promotion to your blog that someone else could click on dragging them to your blog.... but you are appreciating other people's hard work and time. I love reading other blogs as a blogger. Let's be honest... I just love reading in general. 😂I get the best insight and tools from other blogs. Not to mention, you could learn something new or valuable to help you in your life.

6. Always add images to your posts
Who wants to read posts that don't have pretty images with them? Not me, images make posts way more interesting. Always make your posts stand out and beautiful! Color makes everything stand out and pop. How is your blog going to stand out from others?

7. Have an attention-grabbing blog post title
No one wants to click on a boring blog post title. Your title is what is going to grab readers into reading your blog. Read my post about 8 Amazing Free Resources To Help Improve Blog Titles Hacks to help you with bettering your blog titles.

8. Always suggest other posts on your blog
Suggest other blog posts for your readers to read after they finish the one they are reading. Like the example above ↑ You want to keep readers on your blog as long as possible for traffic. Link posts within posts.

9. Ask your readers questions
Ask your audience questions that they can answer within your post. This helps to get comments on your blog. Keep the conversation going.

10. Don't wait to put Ads on your blog 
If you want to make money from your blog... start putting up ads from day one. You don't need a huge following to start making money right away from your blog. However, don't put up too many ads where it's tacky. Don't let them distract from the general content on your blog. It will make users want to click out of your blog. Ads should not change the flow of your blog. Everything should still look neat and presentable. Especially if you want to start making money blogging. Your blog should look nothing but professional.

11. Try to make your blog less "busy"
Don't have things on your sidebar that does not need to be there. Nothing overwhelms me more than having too much on a sidebar. I often will exit blogs if I cannot stand their sidebars. I don't care how good your content is if your blog is hard to read... I will leave. Don't have your main blog background black. Your content needs to be easy to read. White is key!

12. Don't just post to post
Please, only post meaningful content. It's super annoying when bloggers just post to have content. I will leave my rant at that.

13. Make sure you have a re-pin button when you hover over images
If you don't have the Pinterest image hover over button... PLEASE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND ADD IT TO YOUR BLOG NOW! Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest and my readers pinning my images from my blog. It's a free advertisement. Without that button when you hover over an image with your cursor, there's no way for the person to pin your image. You are losing readers that way. Pinterest is super important when it comes to any blog. Pinterest is just as big of a search engine as Google.

14. Make sure you participate in and have guest posts
Guest posts are crucial with any blog. It's a good way to help fellow bloggers gain traffic but they also help you gain more readers as well. Guest posts are super popular and are often the most popular on blogs. I love reading guest posts. 

15. Keep a list of post ideas
Nothing sucks more than running out of content to post. Always have a list going of future blog posts. Either write them down or have a list of them somewhere digitally. I personally keep a list on the back end of my blog. I write titles/topics and then I just save them. That way when I feel inspired and want to write... I have tons of topics that I can expand on and write about. I don't even write anything on the topics or posts initially when I first save them on the backend of my site. It's just good to have the ideas jotted down. When I have an idea I always jot it down. Worst case scenario you just never do that post. It's good to always have ideas in the back of your mind. If you don't write things down you can easily forget things.

16. Read your writing out loud
Before you hit publish, read your entire post out loud. This helps with grammar and everything sounding concise before you hit publish. Sometimes, the way you hear things in your head doesn't always transfer clearly to page. Does everything sound right? Did you say everything that you wanted to say? I often change my posts about twenty times before I ever hit publish. Or when I re-read something I gain a new thought or insight that I still want to share within the post. It's important not to obsess though. Nothing is ever going to be 100% perfect.

Blogging isn't always easy. It's definitely a learn as you go skill. The important thing is to never give up. Remind yourself daily why you love writing and why you started a blog in the first place. Never give up. Keep shooting for your dreams. You never know what the day or year will bring. If you don't try you will never know what you could have accomplished.

What are the best tips that you have learned from blogging? I would love to know in the comments down below. What tips do you think are the most important from above? Let's chat!