There is nothing that I hate more than being sick. Your girl is currently sick and laying in bed blogging. The one good thing about being limited to your bed is being able to get lots of writing done on my blog. Not to mention reading! Those are pluses when it comes to being sick.

Sore throats, sick stomachs, and coughs are the worst. My headache was pretty much unbearable when I woke up this morning. Cold and flu syrup has been my friend. Luckily, I am still visiting my Grandparents in Pennsylvania... so it's been nice having someone to take care of me. Unlike, when I am at home alone.

My Grandma has been absolutely amazing bringing me medicine and cooking for me. I love her so incredibly much. There's nothing better than having someone to take care of you while you are sick. Tinkerbell has been my snuggle buddy. I love how animals know when you are sick and match your moods.

My Grandparents didn't know this hack that my mom taught me. So, I figured many of my readers didn't either and could benefit from it this time of year. Now that the weather is getting colder, the flu and cold season are on the move! Most, like me, tend to get sick this time of year for this very reason. My immune system sucks when it comes to other people being sick around me. I always end up getting sick. When my mom learned this new trick a couple years ago and told me.... my life instantly changed for the better.

I wish I would have known about it sooner. Considering, I was always one of those kids in school that would get sick during the school year. I always got the "back to school crud".

According to Aaron Stein, Chief Medical Officer for Hackensack Meridian Health Palisades Medical Center, said colder weather causes "many detrimental physiological changes to the respiratory system" that limit the ability of the lungs to clear secretions, thus allowing bacteria or viruses that may cause acute respiratory illnesses".

Here it is the Hydrogen Peroxide Hack!

What you need: 

  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, can be found at any drugstore. Or buy it here.


  1. Tilt your head to the side. Open the hydrogen peroxide and tilt the liquid into one ear at a time.
  2. You will instantly hear and feel a bubbling sensation in your ear. This works to clean your ears from earwax too! The bubbling means that it's killing bacteria that should not be in your ear. It's actually pretty satisfying to hear and feel. 
  3. Repeat in both ears for about two mins each.
  4. The ear that bubbles the most is where your cold or infection got into your body.
  5. Let the peroxide stay in your ear until it stops bubbling. Let the solution work its course.
  6. Repeat this process every couple of hours or a couple times a day until your cold goes away.
  7. If you do this before you get the full-on virius you could combat the cold from getting worse.
  8. If you do this process while sick it will cut down the number of days that you are sick. It will also reduce the severity of your cold or flu. This works like a charm on me. It's amazing! You have to try it. 
  9. This helps to kill disease-causing pathogens from your ear canal. 

Why does this work?
This method works because the rhinovirus which causes colds enters the body through the ear canals and the hydrogen peroxide kills the virus before your body gets infected. In 1928 Richard Simmons, M.D. hypothesized that colds and flu viruses enter through the ear canal. His findings were dismissed by the medical community. According to Dr. Simmons, contrary to what you may think or have been taught about how you catch the flu or the cold there is only one way that you can catch the two, and that's via the ear canal not through the eyes or nose or mouth as most have believed. In 1938 German researchers had great success using hydrogen peroxide in dealing with colds and the flu. Their data has been ignored for over 60 years.

This process is a lifesaver and instantly you will start to feel better. It got rid of my sore throat right away! Don't forget to share this hack with all your family and friends. More people need to know about this. Even doctors don't know about this!

I hope all of you are doing well. Have you ever heard of this hack before? Let me know if this hack ever helps you... I would love to know in the comments down below. I love helping people. Stay healthy! 😃