I am making headway on this blog challenge! Here we are at day eight. For day eight of this challenge, you are supposed to post an old photo of yourself. For the sake of making this post more interesting... I thought I would include a couple old photos of myself and talk about the memories associated with them. Looking back at old photos is fun. I love reminiscing. 

In this photo, I was around six or seven I believe. I was in Disneyland and ran right over to The White Rabbit in Fantasyland. Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favorite books/movies. To this day, whenever I see a character in Disney, I have to run over and get a picture. I started wearing glasses very young. Don't you just love the gap in my teeth? Pre braces y'all! 

I was four in this photo and I just love how sassy I was. Rocking those 90s pajamas! 

These 90s outfits are killing me! 😂I love them. How cute was I? I know I was around four in this photo too. Eating me some lovely Fruit Loops. 

When it was hot in the summer, in Arizona as a kid, my brother and I decided to make a book tower out of some of our favorite books. This is one of my favorite photos of my older brother and I. It encompasses our relationship to a T. The funny ideas we come up with when we are bored. We have always been super close and growing up we were always each other's best friends. After all, there's nothing else to do when it's 110 outside but make a book tower! HAHAHA. Gotta love our pajamas. Thank you, Dad, for taking this classic picture. 

In 2014, I finally completed an item off my bucket list and made it to London! During cosmetology school, I was lucky enough to go do hair overseas. I plan on returning one of these days. The smile on my face shows how excited I was to finally make it to this iconic historical spot!

I had to include a baby picture of my baby Tinkerbell. How could I not? She's adorable!!! Gosh, I wish dogs could stay puppies forever! She was such a little peanut. Well, she still is.... but man was she a tiny baby. 

My high school graduation in 2012 and my senior yearbook photo. Back when I used to dance like crazy and used to be soooo freaking tiny! It's crazy to think how much time has already passed.

Here is my little Cindy Lou Who self :) Wasn't I the cutest baby? I had the cutest baby smile. Just sayin.....

The summer theatre internship that I took my freshman year in high school. At Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania where my grandpa went to college! 💜

Flashback to more baby pictures of my girl Tink! I love being her mommy. She was the cutest baby ever. That little mouth still gets me smiling every day.

This was when I turned sixteen! I went to an English Tea Room Cafe with my best friends at the time dressed in prom dresses. It was so much fun. I don't age much hahaha. I can't believe this is almost ten years ago!!!!

First Glee Concert in 2010! I went to the second concert in Philadelphia a year later. I am happy to say that I met Corey Montieth before he died :( RIP! I basically was Rachel Berry in high school. I was president of show choir my senior year!
Throwback to when Eclipse came out in theaters freshman year in high school! We were Twilight nerds and still are. 😂The series will always have a soft spot on me. Aw, my bestie Colleen and her baby braces! Girl, we are getting old. 
Okay, I am done embarrassing myself. I hoped you enjoyed these random photos and reminiscing with you. How have you changed over the years? I really haven't changed very much looking at these photos. As the wise Ferris Bueller says,