It has been a while and I completely forgot about this challenge and finishing it! While going through old blog posts this girl realized she never finished this challenge. Better late than never! For day five, we are supposed to blog about our guilty pleasures.

For me, there's a lot. However, I will only bore you with a few chosen ones. The main one obviously would be books and reading.

Secondly, anything Disney! I try to go to Disneyland at least once a year. One day, I repeat, one day, I will make it to Disneyworld. It's a dream of mine and on my bucket list. Curling up with my blanket, my dog, and a good old Disney film is the best life! I will never be too old for anything Disney related.

I enjoy spending days where I do not get out of my pajamas and I mean never get out of them. A guilty pleasure to me is just being straight-up lazy. Don't forget ordering some good take out! Followed by some good old Haagen-Dazs strawberry ice cream. Eaten out of the carton with a spoon of course.

Watching anything within Bachelor Nation is a huge guilty pleasure for me too. It's just about the only reality tv that I have to keep up to date on. Maybe it's the romantic in me? Who knows? But I need to know all the latest gossip and feuds going on.

I am obsessed with anything having to do with The Titanic. I don't just mean the movie or movies.... but also with the history itself. Like I said, I have a very strange fascination with everything surrounding the ship. This is why I am convinced that in another life I was on the boat. The fascination goes way back for me... as long as I could talk.

POTATOES! AND I MEAN ALL KINDS. They are my life. I even have my Grandfather ship me his fresh grown potatoes in the mail from Pennsylvania to the desert in Arizona. I am obsessed and when I eat them my heart sings. I could eat a whole pot of mashed potatoes all by myself. If I am ever on my death bed, please, only feed me potatoes. That is all I want. I come from a long line of potato farmers.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?