Did anyone else think this month went by super fast? For me it sure did. I didn't do anything too exciting this month. I spent most of this month sick and in the hospital. I had a really bad kidney infection and my blood sugars were sky-high. Joys to being diabetic! Your girl is still recuperating. I read 6 whole books this month! I have been on a reading streak. I have been trying to be better about blogging lately as well. I have begun to make writing a main priority of mine. It's so important to me.

Books I read:

Biggest letdown:

The Hazel Wood, I had been waiting to read this book for months! The cover is stunning and still one of my absolute favorites.

Favorite book:

Heartless by Marissa Meyer! I love all things Alice in Wonderland... so when I heard there was a retelling of The Queen of Hearts before she became queen. This girl was all in. I could have done without the romance but overall it was so perfect!!! LOVE LOVE The Cheshire Cat more than anything.

My novel update:

I have been slacking on writing my book lately. However, this month I did manage to write two chapters while in the hospital. I also came up with a book title!!! I am not ready to share yet.... but just so you know it's on point and everything I was looking for when it comes to a book title. It came out of thin air in my brain too while sitting quietly in the hospital. I am so very connected to my main character. Hopefully, one day you will have a copy of it in your precious hands. This girl has to stop being so lazy when it comes to writing it. 

Song of the month:

Music means the world to me. For my monthly updates, I thought I would start to include a song that has inspired me recently. This song has been on loop for me while writing lately. It has all the feels.

Ryn Weaver - Reasons Not To Die

Tv obsessions:

I binged watched all of season 5 of How To Get Away With Murder! OMG is all I have to say. If you haven't watched this show... stop what you are doing and watch on Netflix now. Viola is a queen!
Netflix released a new baking show called Sugar Rush. It reminds me of the old show Cupcake Wars but better. Loving this new baking show and the competition. The episodes are super short and you will breeze through them like I did.


While I was in the hospital, I watched a sweet independent film called Mothers and Daughters. I hadn't heard about before. It features some major big actresses, so I thought I would give it a try. It was exactly what I needed and gave me all the warm fuzzies in my heart. Perfect for the month because it was Mother's Day.

I also watched Paradise while in the hospital. I adore Julliane Hough and this movie was so good. It is a must watch. Russel Brand is also in it. It has an amazing message.
Those are all my main favorites from this month! There wasn't a whole bunch but then again I did spend most of the month sick and asleep. I hope you had an amazing month as well. Please let me know in the comments below your favorites. Also, what did you read this month? I would love to know. Have you seen any of these movies or shows? I love chatting in the comments down below.