The Nerdy Bookworm Reading Challenge: WHAT I HAVE READ SO FAR UPDATE


It's been a hot minute since I have updated my blog and all the challenges that I have completed for The Nerdy Bookworm Challenge. So far, I have completed 8 out of the 50 challenges. I need to step up my reading game. However, I am reading some really good books right now that I hope will help me get out of this semi-slump. I also hope that my blogging game comes back. I have just been super lazy lately. Anyways, here are the challenges I have completed since I last updated my blog.

1. 2022 New Release: Our Little World by Karen Winn
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2. A book that is written in text messages, emails, or different forms of text: The Appeal by Janice Hallett
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3. Read a contemporary novel: Layer by Layer by Kaylee Ryan
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Have you read any of the titles above?

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