Imagineer Your Future: Discover Your Core Passions
Author: Les Lamotte
Genre: Business/Careers/General, Reference/Personal & Practical Guides, Non-Fiction
Publisher: Xlibris Corp
Published: March 24, 2019
Pages: 182

This book will help you in seeking to discover your core passions before making educational or business decisions. It reveals insight that comes from both the author’s success and from his failures so you can Imagineer Your Future! “A half-century ago, my grandfather taught me the wonder of designing, building, and flying my first kite. It was a remarkable experience. The kite was made of sugar pine, wrapping string, newspaper and white glue.” Those very valuable insights and introduction to handmade creativity were combined with his Eagle Scouting experience and lightweight aerospace aluminum tent tubing and further development using his graphic design skills. His knowledge of the beginning wave of large scale digital printing led him to design and found Xtra Lite Display Systems Inc. of Burnsville, Minnesota, USA. With fourteen dollars and armed with a single photo of his graphic display, some ad copy, and a list of addresses of magazines from around the world. He instantly began receiving orders from places like Argentina, Brazil, and Spain, adding up to over thirty-six countries around the globe. His displays sold over fourteen million dollars in revenue over the fourteen years of his business.

An outstanding motivational speaker, writer, Imagineer, designer, and multi-award-winning ASCAP singer/songwriter. Les possesses a charisma all his own. He is an expert generalist and leader in all that he attempts to accomplish. He is a connector of people with his keen ability to quickly win friends by genuinely caring about them, motivating, and connecting them to others who can help them to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. With overwhelming odds against him in 1996, he took his last $14 and leveraged it to over $14 million in revenue with his Xtra Lite Displays company and 25 patented products he designed marketing them successfully to over 36 countries around the world for 14 years. “ My life has certainly been surrounded by oceans of fantastic friendships, business partners, and those willing to help in times of life’s greatest storms. Most important of all these relationships is my daily walk with my Lord Jesus Christ whose gift of core passions and grace He gives each day...  Imagineer Your Future! ”