Night Shadows
Author: Chris Lewando
Genre: Thriller
Publisher:  Independently Published
Published: April 2020
Pages: 342
An adopted child seeking his roots sparks a manhunt that spans continents. What could any of this have to do with a tragedy on the latest mission to the Space Station under construction? For Tom it becomes a race for survival, for Helen, the reporter beguiled by his artistic nature, it becomes a nightmare. And will the great cavalcade of yoofers heading for Area 51 actually get to see an Alien Spacecraft, or was the UFO sighting in Phoenix a hoax? Events thunder relentlessly towards a climactic meeting... Until this moment, Helen never understood that you could love and hate in the same breath, but it is so. Even while distance made her feel safe, she wanted to run home, be folded in Tom’s arms, and be assured her present, horrific knowledge is all a mistake.

I trained as an English teacher, but the planned storyline drifted off-track. I landed in an office, producing management statistics – a different kind of fiction. I have been writing for many years, with quite a few mainstream genre novels and short stories published while I was still working full time. I gained a Creative Writing Masters (hons), and have been a novel-writing tutor since lessons were sent by snail mail and the nearest thing to a mobile phone beamed Captain Kirk onto the Enterprise. I live in rural South West Ireland, play Irish music in pubs for tourists, drive a camper the same age as me, and self-publish standalone novels with multiple viewpoints and complex characters.