March is almost over and I cannot believe it! Arizona is officially on lockdown for this crazy pandemic. It took our governor long enough to finally issue one. I have been in quarantine myself for a month now. Thank god for books is all I have to say!

Anyways, today's Top Ten Tuesday is Ten Signs You’re a Book Lover (basically, people know you’re a book lover because… i.e., you’re always carrying a book or two, your library card broke from overuse, etc.)

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Here are my ten signs that I am a book lover:

1. I always carry a book with me. It doesn't matter where I am going I always have a book in my bag or on my phone. 

2. I sneak time to read. Whether I am in line, stuck at a doctor's office, I am always sneaking or finding time to read. I get way more reading done this way.

3. I cannot fall asleep without reading. At the end of the day, I need to read a book in order to fall asleep. Insomnia is the worst and I suffer from it horribly. The only thing that can put me to bed is a book. I look forward to bedtime and reading my book all day. There is nothing like unwinding with a good book.

4. I try to encourage my friends and family to read. I am always pushing my loved ones to read and recommending books. I want them to enjoy reading as much as I do because I think they are missing out.

5. I am constantly running out of room on my personal bookshelves that I even had to get another shelf to accommodate all of my many books. If I rate a book 3 or below I have to get rid of it to free up more room on my shelves.

6. I get so unbelievably excited over book mail and getting new books. I love their smell. I mean book pages are the best smell right?! 

7. Everyone comes to me for book recommendations. I can come up with a book for anyone that they may like in mostly any genre.

8. When my family or friends come to me asking if I want to go to a specific movie most of the time I will end up saying I loved the book or I read the book or even I don't want to see it yet until I read the book. Often, when I leave the theater I will end up saying the book was so much better.

9. I obsess over book covers. I will even buy books just because of their beautiful covers even if I do not know what the book is about.

10. When I leave my house for an extended amount of time or go on vacation I take too many books with me. Book overpacking is a real thing. I have a hard time choosing which books to bring. I never know how much time I am going to have to read. A big fear of mine is running out of things to read.

How do you know that you are a book lover? Do we have anything in common? Aren't books the greatest? I do not know what I would do without books and reading.