Happy Single Awareness my peeps! This Valentine's Day, I spent it with my best friend on my couch watching a girly movie eating some chocolate with my dog. You can't get better than that if you ask me. We had a lot of fun laughing. It was fun to pig out on some much-needed junk food.

Thank you, alysinbookland for tagging me in this tag. I don't know who the original creator was. So, if you know I would love to give them some credit. I am a sucker for any tag. They are always some of my favorite posts to write.

- Link back to the blog that tagged you!
- Answer the 10 anti-Valentine’s Day questions provided.
- Come up with your own 10 anti-Valentine’s questions for blogs you tag.
- Tag ten other bloggers to do the tag!

Alys in Bookland's Questions:

1. If you will write a romance story, which romance trope will you pick?
I think it would be fun to write an enemy to lovers story. Those types of stories always keep me interested. 

2. Red rose, sunflower, or tulips?
Can I have all three? I love flowers haha. If I had to pick though I would pick sunflowers. They are my favorite flowers after all.

3. Who are the characters you still ship even if they don't end up with one another?
The only thing I can think of right now is Katniss and Gale from The Hunger Games.

4. What book has cute side characters' romance?

Eowyn and Faramir from The Lord of the Rings.

5. What is your least favorite popular OTP in the book world?
I really do not like Harry Potter with Cho.

6. Which characters do you think will be best together than whom they end up with?
The only couple that kind of weirded me out that I can think of is Jacob and Renesmee in The Twilight Series.

7. What book has the cutest date or proposal for you?
Hmm, this is a hard one. Cutest date... Maybe going to Hawaii in Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon.

8. What is your favorite book that has your least favorite romance trope?
I honestly can't think of one. I kind of do not like the insta love tropes. It does not seem very realistic to me. There can be an instant attraction but love and caring for that person takes time.

9. If you can have a character as your real-life girlfriend or boyfriend, who will it be, and why?
Elliot from Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren. He is so swoon-worthy. Also, he is a book-loving man. It is hard to find a man who loves literature these days.

10. What book deserved to be hyped that is still/currently underhyped right now?
I will go with any of Christina Lauren's books. They are some of my favorite romance books. You cannot go wrong reading any of them.

That was a fun tag to do. Feel free to do this tag even if I do not tag you below. Remember you have to answer my questions now. Let me know if you did in the comments down below. I would love to read your answers.
My questions:
1. What is your favorite romance novel?
2. What couple is your favorite from any book?
3. Are there any couples from a book that you do not like?
4. What is your favorite romance book trope?
5. Who do you wish was your significant other from a book?
6. What kind of chocolate or candy is your favorite?
7. What is your dream date scenario?
8. Do you believe in instant love?
9. What kind of romance story do you like best? Ya, Adult, Etc...? 
10. What is your favorite kiss scene from a book?

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