Twitter has easily become one of my favorite social media platforms. It is just so easy to communicate, network, and find blog readers. Twitter has been one of the biggest ways that I have gained new blog followers. I get a lot of traffic from Twitter. Plus, it is completely free to use! Getting a following on any social media site can sometimes seem daunting.

Every single day I am learning new tactics to grow my social media handles. A lot of things with social media are trial and error based but I have found some tricks along the way. I hope you find that this post helps you in some way to help grow your twitter page.

1. Follow similar accounts
- Following similar people on Twitter is a great way to start getting your name out there. By following accounts that you are interested in just may gain you a follower back. I know personally, I follow a lot of accounts back. Especially if they are bloggers. I am always down for supporting other blogs and people.

2. Engage with people
- Tweet comments and remarks back to people. Comment on certain tweets and topics. This is a sure way to get noticed. Plus, every single time someone tweets at you it is basically free advertisement for your profile and blog. Engagement will help your profile grow. To grow you need to tweet. It seems pretty basic right?!

3. Ask questions and create polls
- Lately, my engagement and follower count has skyrocketed because I started asking questions and creating polls to my followers. The more things you ask your followers the better chance you have for new people to find your account and blog. Ask something that pertains to anything related to your blog or life. People like tweets that they can engage with.

My simple poll here asking if you prefer standalone books or series started skyrocketing my profile. It even gained me some new blog followers from having people vote on their opinions. The poll raised my engagement rapidly.

4. Post pictures and quotes
- Pictures and quotes always draw people's attention online way more than just text. Followers are way more likely to retweet a quote or anything relatable. Try posting a quote and see your follower count and retweets grow. A simple quote can go a long way. Many times, it will even go viral.

5. Tweet daily
- Try to post around at least ten tweets a day. The more the better to raise your engagement and to show up on other feeds throughout the day. To grow your Twitter you have to post as frequently as possible. Try interacting and replying to as many tweets as you can.

6. Don't forget to use hashtags
- Hashtags are crucial when it comes to Twitter. Hashtags are what make your tweet show up if someone searches a specific topic. Showing up on a feed is a sure way to grow your page. Exposure is key! Keep using all the hashtags that you can in each tweet.

7. Have a detailed bio
- Try not to get too wordy but explain why people should be following you. What do you have to offer by following you? Get as creative as you can. Drawing people to click that follow button is the goal.

8. Tweet at different times throughout the day
- You don't want to post all of your tweets at one specific time a day. It is best to tweet throughout the entire day. That way you show up on the most newsfeeds possible. Try not to become spammy so people do not unfollow you.

I hope a couple of these tips helped you when it comes to Twitter. Let me know down below if you have any other Twitter tips to share. I would love to know your thoughts.