In case you are new to my blog... I have been dealing with chronic anxiety and depression from a very young age. I won't go into my specific diagnoses at this time... but it hasn't ever been easy to deal with. Mental health issues can be very gripping. There are days when my anxiety and depression are so bad that I am afraid to leave my house. People who do not suffer from mental health issues do not always understand what I am going through.

I am always very open about my struggles in the last couple of years because I have a passion for helping people. I am not ashamed. I am a fighter. By opening up, if I can help even one person then I can see a reason behind god giving me these struggles.

Lately, my anxiety has been off the roof. One of my good friends from high school died in a car accident over the holiday's and it's really triggered my anxiety the last month. All of your love and support is greatly appreciated at this time. The important thing to always remember is you are never truly alone.

Don't forget that there is a tomorrow and there is always another day. It is perfectly okay to have a bad day. Feel your feelings and don't bottle them up. Bottling things up will just make things worse. Take some deep breathes. You are strong and can do this!

1. Ask for help

- Never be afraid to ask for help. You are stronger for being able to do so. It's very admirable to be able to seek out support. You would be surprised at how many people are going through the same thing as you at that very moment. Having a support system is very important for any mental illness. Seek out your family, friends, and doctors. There is nothing wrong with needing a little extra help. You do not need to struggle alone. You will be surprised at how many people are willing to listen.

2. Get enough sleep

- Take care of your physical needs first. I know if I don't get the proper amount of sleep at night my mental health greatly suffers. Sleep is very important for anyone. Especially for people with mental health issues. Make sure you are getting your 8 hrs of sleep at night.

3. Know your limits

- Only do what you can. It's important to push yourself but not too much to where you have a crisis. If you are already having a bad or hard day don't take on too much that you can't handle. Don't overestimate what you can accomplish or do in life. Only you know your limits or triggers. You come first. It's important to not stress yourself out.

4. Surround yourself with positive people

- Bad company brings misery. Only surround yourself with people who love you and push you to be a better version of yourself. It's important to only have understanding and loving people in your life. When you have any type of mental illness, only surround yourself with patient people.

5. Take some personal time

- With any mental illness, it is important to recharge in your "safe place". Take time for yourself to recharge and feel better mentally. This helps prevent a crisis. Self-care is very important. Here are some self-care ideas you can check out... 100+ WAYS TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF - BEST SELF CARE IDEAS AND TIPS

6. Do something you enjoy

- It's important to distract yourself. Do an enjoyable activity. Do anything that makes you happy. Reading has always been my safe haven. Whenever I feel depression or anxiety coming on... I always distract myself with a good book. This is probably another reason why I read so much hahaha! It keeps me from having a major mental health breakdown.

7. Count your blessings

- The blessings in your life are always important to remember. Your situation could always be worse. Yes, mental health isn't easy but there is always hope. I always instantly feel better whenever I say my blessings out loud. It's an opposite reaction technique that has been very helpful to me. It's harder to stay depressed when you start to think about the good in your life.

checklist for mental health issues

Do life on your own time and terms. Try not to compare your recovery to anyone else. How do you deal with your mental health? I would love to know your thoughts down in the comments. It's important to always stick together and support one another on our journey.