Lately, my mental health/depression has been all over the place. It was a hard month for me. With the loss of a dear friend of mine that I had known since grade school.... put me over the edge as far as being sad. Every single time that I feel sad, I have to remind myself that it is okay to feel that way. Not every single day is going to be rays of sunshine and rainbows. Life will hit you unexpectedly.

Despite it being a hard month, I still have a lot to be happy/grateful for. Sometimes, when you feel down looking at all of your blessings is the best thing to do. It allows me to smile. Everything in life and its struggles just makes you a stronger person.

Here is a list of ten things I am thankful for:

1. Waking up under a roof in a comfy bed every single day. 

A lot of people are homeless and I couldn't even imagine.

2. I have clean water to drink and food to eat... unlike so many who are starving or don't even have anything to drink!

I cannot imagine being in this situation. That's why I always feel horrible whenever I throw out food that went bad in my fridge.

3. Having books to read

I am so blessed to have every book that I could ever want to read. Sure, there are always books on my TBR but I have the option to buy them.

4. Being able to have an education and attend college. Choosing what I want to do in life.

I am free to choose whatever job I want. Not to mention, having the ability to earn money. Unlike so many other countries, I have the right to be the head of my household.

5. Living in a free country. Whereas a female, I have the right to vote and voice my opinion.

6. My baby Tinkerbell

Being able to have a pet in general. Experiencing that unconditional love.

7. Having the best friends and family I could have ever asked for.

I don't know what I would do without them.

8. Being able to see

A lot of people are blind. Every single day, I am thankful for my ability to see. Especially, considering the fact that I am diabetic and many lose their eyesight due to elevated blood sugar.

9. Access to medication and health care

A lot of people don't have this luxury. Without this, I wouldn't be alive. I am blessed to have medication that helps me survive.

10. Having heat and air conditioning

Thank the lord modern technology exists. Plus, I am able to hide out in my air conditioning during the summer months because I don't do well with being hot. It's something small but I do not take it for granted in the slightest.

What are you thankful for? Do we have anything in common? Let's chat in the comments down below. Doing daily gratitudes is very important and can greatly improve anyone's mood. I am so very thankful to be as blessed as I am. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my blog.