The weather has been changing and nights are getting cold. It's also been getting darker so much earlier. I love nothing more than snuggling in pajamas and loungewear. Pajamas are always a must-have staple.

Basically, I live in loungewear. Especially while I am blogging and reading at home. Lately, if clothes are not comfortable than I don't even bother wearing them. Comfort is a must! I have been going into hibernation with this weather change. When I am feeling lazy all I want to wear is pajamas.

Here are some outfits that I have my eyes on:

Flannel will always be popular. It's super cozy and soft! Perfect for keeping warm in cooler weather. It's always one of my go-to pajamas. How cute are these?

1. PajamaGram Fleece Pajamas Women Soft - Winter Pajamas for Women ($29.99 - $62.99)
2. PajamaGram Womens Pajama Sets Flannel - Cozy Ladies Pajamas ($42.99 - $59.99)
3. PajamaGram Pajamas for Women - Christmas Pajamas Women, Blue ($34.99)
4. Richie House Women's Printed Flannel Two-Piece Set Pajama Size S-XL ($19.99 - $26.99)
5. UGG Women's Size W Raven Set Plus ($48.99 - $81.31)

Anything silky is so unbelievably comfortable! There are tons of options when it comes to satin pajamas but I thought these options were super cute. 

Floral anything is personally my favorite. However, I am super girly so it would make sense that it would be my favorite pattern. Also, a floral pattern is timeless.

You cannot go wrong with basic stripes. It looks good on just about everyone. It's simple but oh so stylish. I love all of these pajama sets so much. They all look so comfy.

5. kensie Women's Tank Pajama Set ($40.46-$40.60)

I could live in pajamas. I practically already do. 😂These are great to buy for gifts as well. Any girl would be happy to receive snuggly pajamas for the holidays. 

Which pajama set above is your favorite? What pattern do you prefer? I would love to know in the comments below.