If you are a frequent reader to my blog you know that I am a sucker for tags of any kind. If you are a new reader to my blog then thank you so much for stopping by! Hopefully, you will stay and enjoy many of my blog posts.

While searching the internet and other blogs... I found this cool tag from lifeofgibbers! I love learning about other people. So, I thought I would share more about myself.

My holiday was chaotic but I am glad it is finally over. My parents are divorced and because of it I always have to go to tons of dinners etc. This year, I went up to Northern Arizona with my mom, stepdad, brother, and his fiance. It snowed a lot! My mom got all of us matching pajamas to wear this year for cute photo opportunities.

Anyways, I will get into the questions now:

1. What is your middle name?
Rebecca, my brother gave me my middle name. He ran into the hospital after I was born. He was two years old and started screaming "Where's my Emmy Becca?". 
2. What was your favorite subject at school?
English. I loved reading... imagine that?!
3. What is your favorite drink?
Other than water. Strawberry lemonade or Iced tea. Specifically peach or raspberry. 
4. What is your favorite song at the moment?
I have so many but I am loving Kissaphobic by Make Out Monday.

5. What is your favorite food?
Anything potatoes. Especially mashed potatoes.
6. What is the last thing you bought?
Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.
7. Favorite book of all time?
To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee.
8. Favorite Colour?
9. Do you have any pets?
Yes, a Shih Tzu named Tinkerbell.

10. Favorite Perfume?
I don't really have one. I mostly just buy ones from Bath n Body Works. Whatever smells good really.
11. Favorite Holiday?
12. Are you married?
No. Hopefully, one day.
13. Have you ever been out of the country?
Yes, I love traveling. 
14. Do you speak any other language?
I know a tiny bit of Spanish.
15. How many siblings do you have?
One older brother.
16. What is your favorite shop?
I love thrifting. I don't really have a favorite shop.
17. Favorite restaurant?
Anything Italian or American. Lately, I have been obsessed with Red Robbin
18. When was the last time you cried?
19. Favorite Blog?
Way too many to list. There are so many amazing ones.
20. Favorite Movie?
21. Favorite TV show?
I have a lot that I like but if I had to narrow down my favorite probably Grey's AnatomyGilmore Girls, or The OC.
22. PC or Mac?
Mac all the way. I have apple everything.
23. What phone do you have?
iPhone XR.
24. How tall are you?
4'11. So close to five feet.
25. Can you cook?
Yes, I am an amazing cook and baker.
That was a quick tag but fun to fill out. I hope you had an amazing holiday with whatever you celebrate. Do we have any similar answers? I would love to know in the comments down below.

If you want to fill this out... please do so and let me know if you did in the comments down below. I am not tagging anyone this time. Let's chat in the comments! New Year's Eve is right around the corner. A whole new decade! I cannot believe it!