I know I am constantly working on trying to become the best version of myself. There are good days and bad days and that is okay. Every day is a blessing that you wake up. Take each and every day to learn something new and grow for the better. There is always something you can do to improve yourself or your situation.

No one is perfect or has a perfect life. It may seem perfect from the outside but what really is perfect anyways? Perfection does not exist. You are the only you there is... so always love yourself. No one will ever be you and that is pretty cool. You are special and fine just the way you are.

It is important to find what makes you happy in life. Self-discovery isn't always easy but it's very important. It's very crucial that you take time for yourself out of each day to figure out and do what makes you happy.

1. Try to remain positive
Remaining positive about your life is the first step in becoming happy and satisfied with your life. It's hard to feel better if you are constantly in a negative headspace. It's true that misery is bad company. Not all days are going to be good ones but that's okay. Keeping a little bit of positivity about a negative situation is key. Trying to look at what you can learn from a situation and not dwelling in the misery. Only surround yourself with positive uplifting people. Do not let anyone else bring you down. 

2. Listen to your needs
Be compassionate to yourself and listen to what your body needs. Put yourself above others if it's affecting your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. You come first! Don't forget to be self-compassionate. Take time to relax throughout the day. Eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are tired.

3. Try not to judge yourself
Shame is the worst. Take full responsibility for the choices that you make. Deal with the outcomes as they come. Try not to dwell in the past. Take life for what it is. Remain in the present moment. It doesn't do good to play the would of should of could of game.

4. Establish your own morals
Never go against your own beliefs to make someone else happy. Stand firm in what you believe in and don't compromise. You are worth it!

5. Only set attainable goals
Don't have goals for your life that will never happen. Only set goals that you can actually achieve.

6. Don't overcompensate
Do things one at a time. This way you also don't stress yourself out. Don't take on more than you can handle and always reward yourself for your many accomplishments. Getting bummed out isn't good either. You can only do things and accomplish goals in your own timing. It may take longer than you expected to accomplish something but that is okay. Be compassionate to yourself and others around you. You can only give so much before being burned out. Don't allow others to abuse you or your time. Your time is valuable.

7. Drink lots of water
Not only is it good for your health but you will be able to think more clearly and get more done. Overall, everything good comes out of drinking more water.

8. Do some deep breathing and meditate 
You will be surprised what your mind and body will feel and think once you decide to slow down for an extended period of time. Oxygen flowing to the brain allows an increase in wellness for the mind, body, and soul. Become aware of your surroundings. By doing so you will calm down and your mind and you will be able to process a whole lot more.

9. Journal
Journaling is a great way to decompress and get all your innermost thoughts out onto paper. It's a great form of self-reflection and expression. 

10. Always say thank you
It's important to keep your gratitude in check and always appreciate what you have. The happiest people in life are some of the most thankful and giving people.

11. Read more and watch tv less
Everything good comes out of reading. Learning is always important and always will be.

12. Get enough sleep
Just like drinking enough water.... sleep is so very important. Make sure you are getting enough sleep every night and not too much either.

13. Find a job you love
I know my life improved dramatically along with my happiness when I began to do something that I liked every day. Why spend the majority of your time doing something you hate? There are so many options these days as far as a career goes. So why not try everything in your power to land a job that you enjoy? Life is too short to remain miserable. Take the leap and leave that god awful job. Another job is just around the corner.

14. Stop trying to be perfect!
Like I said before, perfection doesn't exist. No one will ever amount to it. Don't stress yourself out by trying to be perfect because it will never happen.

15. It's okay to say no
Do not let people walk all over you. Only do what you truly want to do. It's okay to say no every now and then.

16. Take time to listen to music
Music heals the soul.

17. Make daily routines
Sticking to daily routines is important in accomplishing any type of goal. I know I am a lot happier on the days that I get more things done and stick to my routine. Following any type of schedule is proven to vastly improve one's mood.

18. Work on hobbies
Do something that you enjoy and like to do for fun. It's important to have some kind of self-expression. For me, I love being creative. 

19. Don't be so serious
Take life as it comes at you. It's okay if everything doesn't happen the way that you planned. Expect life to happen. Prepare for the unexpected. 

20. Spend time outside
Nature is healing. It's so important to spend time outside and get natural vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D can help to fight depression. Often, many times, people with depression are deficient in vitamin D. 

21. Give back to the community and others
I know when I help others in need it instantly boosts my mood up. Doing good for others can easily improve your life too. 

22. Affirm yourself
Tell yourself what you are doing well. Daily affirmations are very important. Don't be afraid to boost yourself up. You are amazing and can do anything that you set your mind to. 

What do you do on a daily basis to improve your life and happiness? Do you have any tips to increase happiness? Life isn't always easy. Take things as they come. Life is one big rollercoaster ride but it's also an incredible journey. Savor every minute.