I love Sephora. Basically, if you are a beauty supply store then I am there. I will admit that I am a product gunky. Don't feel bad if you struggle to find the perfect Christmas gift to give. This year, I have made it my mission on my blog to recommend everything that I love in hopes of helping my readers find gifts. Or (hint hint) for my family that reads my blog some things that I may want. HAHA.

Here are some of the amazing gift sets that Sephora is offering this year. I have included all of my personal favorites and products that I swear by.

1. DEBORAH LIPPMANN Little Wonders 2-Piece Set ($19)

I swear by anything Bumble and Bumble. I studied at Bumble University in NYC while in cosmetology school back in 2015. My cosmetology school was a Bumble and Bumble product school... so my love for their products goes deep. 

In Cosmetology school, one of our skincare product lines was Dermalogica. I had extensive training with their products as well. All of their products are absolutely amazing for any skincare concern. You cannot go wrong with their product line. It's also super affordable.

I would personally be happy to receive any of these gifts for the holiday season. So many of these products are some of my personal favorites. What are your holiday go-to beauty must-haves? Which gift set above is your favorite? I would love to know in the comments down below.


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