If you are a blogger and haven't utilized Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.... you are missing out. Pinterest is one of the main sites that I use for site exposure and traffic. Every single month, it outways every other social media site for driving traffic to my blog. I honestly don't know what I would do without Pinterest when it comes to blogging.

One of the biggest resources Pinterest offers is the beauty of group boards. Basically, tons of pinners get to pin images to one board on Pinterest to drive tons of traffic to your website. There is a common topic that the group board consists of and you get to use the main creators' followers to drive traffic to your own blog.

After I started joining other group boards and pinning to them.... my site traffic exploded!

Then, I started making my own group boards and inviting others and my traffic grew even more. Right now, I have several of my own group boards that I am extremely proud of. I encourage you to join them. If you have a Pinterest and aren't using group boards.... you need to right away! You will be surprised how much your blog grows by doing so.

I have not only grown my website traffic by group boards but I have found other amazing blogs because of group boards. I wouldn't have found many of the blogs that I frequently visit or read without group boards on Pinterest.

I thought I would share all of the group boards that I have found. I personally am in all of these. Also, go ahead and follow me on Pinterest!


Here are my group boards (join them):
Best of lifestyle blogs
Best of products | affiliate links
Blog Resources
Blogging Tips
Book Blog Inspiration (99+ members)

Book Blogger:
Best Books
Bookworm Group Board
Book Reviews
|::|::|Book Reviews|::|::|
⭐️ Best Book Bloggers ⭐️
Book Review Favourites
Book Quotes Group Board
All about Books [Group Board]
Books and Book Reviews
Great Book
Book reviews
Word of books
Tea and books
Book Blogger Blog Share
The Readers Lounge
YA Bloggers | Share your posts | Tips and tricks
Romance Book Reviews || Group Board
Book Bloggers
Book Lovers
Best Books To Read

All Things Beautiful • Hair Care, Makeup, Beauty & Fashion Tips
Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle (Group Board)
All About Beauty [Group Board]
Beauty Bloggers Group
Badass Style - Group Board
Style Inspiration Group Board
Wishing For This Pinterest Closet
Fashion Trends Group Board
Fashion and lifestyle.
Women’s Fashion
Fashion-Me Fashion-We ( Group Board) All Women's Fashion Pins
Best of Fashion
Fashion Trends Group Board
Fashionable Frenzy
Women Fashion
Forever Dolledup || Everything Fashion Group Board
FASHION LOVER Extravaganza Shopping Board
Group Board for Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle Bloggers
Flawless Fall Fashion Favorites
Fashion and Clothing

Health & Beauty ❀ Group

Side Hustle Income

Mental Health/Personal Development:
Journey to a Life You Love
Motivation and Productivity Group Board
Personal Development, Career / Skills Development | Business Growth Blog Posts and Affiliate Pins
Personal Development | Group Board
Self-love & Personal growth
Personal Development Bloggers
Living Authentically Group Board
Mental Health Awareness
Mental Health and Self Care Awareness
Mental Health Advocates
Inspiration & Motivation Timeless Tips
Mental Health Timeless Tips
Personal Growth And Development Goals [Group]
Group Board · Simple Living

Blogging 101/Social Media:
Tips + Tools for Blogging
Blogging Tips to Grow Your Blog
Blog Better - SEO / Marketing / Tips
Pinterest Marketing Tips
Collab-Social Media Marketing
Blogging Tools and Tips
Blogging Made Simple
Blogging Help Group Board
Blogging Tips For Beginners [Group]
*| Blogging Resources and Tools |*
Blog + Business Tips-Group Board
Blogging tips
Blogging Content
GROUP: Blogging Tips
Pinterest Marketing | Social Media Marketing Tips for Freelance Writers
Blogging Resources
Blogging Tips For Beginners [Group]
Blogging Tips
♣ Blogging Tips ♣
Blogging Tips for Beginners
Blogging for newbies
Blogging Tips And Tricks
Social Media Marketing | Social Media Marketing Tips for Freelance Writers
Group Board | Social Media Marketing Tips
Get Blog Traffic - Group Board

Any Niche:
(Group Board) Pin Everything!
Share your best pins (Group board)
New Blogs on the Block
Blog Goes Viral (Group Board)
Market What You L❤ve
Blogging Pros Group Board
Group Blogger Board
Bloggers Group Board by SHEVY
Promote Your Blog
Creators Clan Group Board
Bloggers Sharing Blogposts
The CoUnity| Support • Tips • Resources
Girlcrush Co: Bloggers & Business Babes
GirlBoss Group Board ✨
***Pin Your Posts*** GROUP BOARD
Blogger Pin Share!
Collective bloggers group board
Blog Share Community
Best Blog Reads Collaborative Board
Love of Blogging (Group Board)
Best Of: Bloggers Group Board
Boss Babes Group Board
!!!! PIN PIN PIN !!!!
Passion for blogging
Recent Blog Post
Share your blog!
Blogger Inspiration Group Board
Blogging Inspiration 2019
Arizona| Bloggers
Blogging For Bosses
Shop Online - Support Small Business
Promote your Pins ✿●•٠·˙
All In One For Everyone (Group Board)
Busy Mom Bloggers
Best Blog Pins Group Board
Group Board: Bloggers Board
The Blogging Elite
Grow your Blog- Promotion group board
Blogging Babes Collective Group Board
Bloggers Group Board
Share Your Blog With The World!
❣Pinners Market❣
Blogging for Days
Blogging Board
Awesome Bloggers Unite
Happy Pinning
Grow Your Blog
Follow That Blog!
Bloggers helping Bloggers GO VIRAL!
Share All Your Pins | Group Board
Bloggers Supporting Bloggers
Top blogs on Pinterest
Viral Product Board
Women Only!
Share Your Best Blogs, Pins and Post Group Board!

Lifestyle Bloggers Unite & Grow (Group Board)
Lifestyle Blogging Group Board
Lifestyle Bloggers Group Board
Lifestyle | Self Care, Beauty, Wellbeing, Fitness, Travel, Recipes
The Ultimate Lifestyle Blogger
Lifestyle Bloggers Keeping It Real
Everything Lifestyle
Lifestyle Bloggers Group Board
Lifestyle Lady Bloggers

Printables Group Board
Printables Community

I hope you found some new Pinterest group boards to join. All of these group boards are great and you should totally join them! The more people that join in.... the more views you start to get. I love supporting other bloggers. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask anything in the comments section down below.

Do you utilize Pinterest group boards?
Are there any other boards that I should check out or join?