Man, that was one fast month. I didn't do a whole lot other than reading and hanging out with my best friend Colleen. We went to the water park and did two escape rooms that were so much fun! The weather is still freaking hot in Arizona. I am so tired of it being 115 degrees outside! This girl is ready for the fall already. My dog won't even go outside to potty. I don't blame her. I don't want to go outside either. Her little paws would burn on the sidewalk anyways. You can literally fry an egg on the sidewalk it's so hot.. Thank god for puppy pads. It feels like you are inside an oven out there. I read five books this month.

Books I read:

Favorite Book:

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. Gillian Flynn is still one of my favorite authors. I binge-read Sharp Objects in a day and a half. I still need to finish the show. I only watched one episode but I am very happy with the adaptation so far. It pays off to have the author produce the show! This book is definitely a page-turner!

Biggest Letdown:

Where Am I Now? by Mara Wilson. It's not that this book was bad it just was not what I expected. I wanted a book that was funny and this book just wasn't it. It was a very average read for me. I don't even remember laughing once. Why this book was advertised as a comedy beats me. 

My Novel Update:

I didn't write once this month. This girl is slacking on her novel. One day it will be finished. If I am not feeling something I don't force myself to do anything. At least I am writing by blogging and still writing is the most important thing!

Songs of the month:

My brother came out with a new single!

Taylor Swift - The Archer

Midnight To Monaco - One Way Ticket
I found this song while eating tacos with my best friend at a restaurant. It's super catchy and now I love this band!


Veronica Mars is back! I am obsessed. Kristen Bell is amazing. I love her so much. There are only eight episodes which makes me sad. There needs to be more.

The Masked Singer, I found this new reality show on Hulu and I am addicted. It's so much fun trying to guess which celebrity is singing behind the mask. 


I got this insanely comfortable romper from Walmart it was such a steal! I really want to get all the different colors because it's so soft and cute to wear. 
Well, there you have it. That's all my favorites from this month. It was a quiet month. Not much happened but I did manage to have some fun even though it was so hot outside. What did you do this month? What were some of your favorites?