31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9

I am finally on day nine of the 31-day challenge! For this day, I am supposed to discuss my tattoos and piercings. As of now, I have five tattoos and more in counting. 😂 There are many more I have planned to get but tattoos cost way too much money!

Unfortunately, I only have my ears pierced and my doubles pierced. I used to have my nose pierced and upper ears pierced. They got infected so I had to take them out. Anytime I get a cartilage piercing it gets infected. Despite cleaning them like crazy. Having insanely sensitive skin sucks! I mostly miss my nose ring because it was so cute!

I have five tattoos. The first one I got while doing hair in NYC! It's also the most expensive tattoo that I have. It's of shears with the word beauty. On the back I have a little heart and my best friend Colleen has a matching heart with me that we got on the beach together in California.


The next one I also got in California. It is on my back and says strength.

My favorite one is on my shoulder and is the only colored one that I have so far. It is of a monarch butterfly. I got this one on my birthday one year after I went to Butterfly Wonderland in Phoenix. Basically, you go into a jungle and have butterflies surrounding you. They even land on you. I have always had a fascination with monarch butterflies. They are my favorite! Butterflies are also a sign of recovery. I personally have been sober for three years and found this very fitting!

Lastly, on my leg, I have a cross. My faith and love of Jesus are very important to me. I have always been a woman of faith. The fact that my savior died on the cross for my sins has always been on my mind and heart.

Well, there you have it. Those are all my piercings and tattoos that I have right now. I already have a lot more tattoos planned out that I want. I would have them right now if I had the money. The next one I want to get is of my dog. I want a Shih Tzu tattoo. 

What tattoos and piercings do you have? I never thought I would get tattoos but as soon as I got one... I became obsessed. I hear this happens a lot. The creativity is mind-blowing! 



  1. I have heard tattoos are a bit addictive. LOL My brother has a ton, and my sister has one but wants more. I'm a little scared I couldn't handle the pain, so I don't have any, but I have ideas. LOL I like all of the tattoos you have and how there's a special meaning/memory attached. Oh and I don't have anything pierced. I had my ears pierced when I was younger, but they kept getting infected (I was told my ear lobes were too thick for the earrings). I never tried again haha


    1. It honestly doesn't hurt that bad. It's easily forgettable, the pain. Some areas hurt more than others but little ones are done super fast. You'll be fine. It's super addictive.

  2. Thanks for sharing pictures! I've read a few posts from you where you mentioned your tattoos, so I'm excited to see them! I love them! (And I agree the nose ring was cute---sorry you couldn't keep it.)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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