I found this cool tag via @nutfreenerd! I love tags like this with random questions and answers. Getting to know people is always fun. It's so hot in Arizona still. Can the fall come any sooner? The heat gives me major headaches. Drinking enough water is hard. This week, I get to go to the Kacey Musgraves concert! This girl is beyond excited! I haven't gone to a concert in a while.

1. What are your nicknames? What do you prefer to be called?
I have a lot of nicknames from different people. My friends mainly call me Em. My dad calls me Emilia or Amelia Bedelia off the books. My brother calls me Em Bem or Emmy Becca because my middle name is Rebecca. He gave me my middle name because when I was born he ran into my mom's hospital room calling me that. It was random but it gave my mom the idea to name me that. My other family members call me Emmy, Emster, or potato girl haha. My mother will sometimes call me Princess.

2. How often do you doodle? What do your doodles look like?
I don't really doodle as much anymore. I used to more so when I was in school during a lecture. I can't really draw. My doodles mostly consisted of hearts, flowers, or stars.

3. What do you do if you can’t sleep at night? Do you count sheep? Toss and turn? Try to get up and do something productive?
I usually read if I can't sleep. I can't sleep at night until I read. I won't allow myself to keep tossing and turning. I suffer from chronic insomnia. Maybe this is why I read so much? Audiobooks are a savior for reading with my lights off to try to get me to sleep.

4. Do people consider you to be talkative or quiet?
It depends on who I am with or the situation. I am very talkative if I am with someone I know and feel comfortable with. Otherwise, I am pretty quiet. I am definitely more introverted. 

5. What makes you cry?
A lot of different things. I am more on the emotional side these days. If someone hurts me in some way or something happens to the people that I love the most.

6. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Disrespect period. Also, when boys wear their pants with their butts hanging out. No one wants to see that. I also hate when people spit on the ground it's so gross. Basically, bad manners and not saying excuse me.

7. How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror?
Not a lot. Usually just when I am brushing my hair or getting ready to leave the house. 

8. What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?
Hmmm. Santa or The Easter Bunny? Things all children believe I guess. I can't think of anything specific other than that.

9. What is the guilty pleasure you enjoy too much to give up?
Watching Bachelor Nation! It's one of the only reality tv shows that I watch and care about. 

10. Who performs the most random acts of kindness out of everyone you know?
My best friend, Autumn. The most godly loving person I know. 

11. How often do you read the newspaper? Which sections?
Almost never. I try to stay clear of the news. My anxiety is too bad to focus on the bad in the world.

12. Which animal scares you the most?
I don't really have any animals that scare me but bugs terrify me. Especially beetles and spiders. EW!

13. Are you more likely to avoid conflict or engage with it?
Avoid. I don't like conflict.

14. What is the most recent compliment you’ve received?
My best friend told me that I looked cute in one of the dresses that I was wearing.

15. What question are you tired of hearing?

How tall are you? Yes, I know that I am short.

16. What is the strangest thing you have eaten?
I am not an adventurous eater. I eat like a little kid. I have eaten prickly pear which is a cactus in Arizona. People make jam out of it here. It's sweet like a berry.

17. Do you have a whole lot of acquaintances or just a few very close friends?
A few really good friends.

18. Do you have a catchphrase?
Nope. Not that I can think of.

19. What’s your all-time favorite town or city? Why?
I have many favorites for different reasons. I love NYC for shopping and fun.

20. If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to?
I love my name. However, if I had to change it... I would pick the next name that my mother also considered naming me and that would be Melody.

21. When was the last time you lied?
I can't think of a specific lie or time...

22. What’s something that amazes you?
Nature and it's beauty. 

23. Would you rather be the first person to explore a planet or be the inventor of a drug that cures a deadly disease?
The inventor of a drug that cures a deadly disease of course!

24. What is your favorite amateur activity?
Probably any kind of decorating.

25. What was your first thought when you got up this morning?
Usually what I have to do that day.

26. What is your favorite song (at least at the moment)?

27. List someone you know and describe them in five words.
My best friend, Colleen. Stubborn, Beautiful, Classy, Fashionable, and Funny.

28. You can select one person from history and have them truthfully answer one question. Who would you select and what would the question be?
Jesus, What is the purpose of life?

29. Which celebrity or artist do you resemble the most?
Reese Witherspoon.

30. What do you want me to know?
I can't think of anything specific. What do you want to know?

Those were an interesting set of questions. I hope you learned something new about me. What would some of your answers be? Do we have anything in common? Who would you meet from history and what would you ask them?

I tag:

and of course, anyone else who wants to do this tag! It's a fun one. Have a wonderful day, night, or morning wherever you are!