As book lovers, we all wish we could consume more books each month. I know I do. This girl has around 800 books on my Goodreads TBR alone! Reading habits are hard to break. Personally, I read before bed each night. Insomnia is my downfall and I need to read each night to be able to sleep. Audiobooks have also been a lifesaver because I listen to them in the car when I am driving or even at night when my head hurts too much to read. I suffer from migraines so I rely heavily on audiobooks to be able to read at times.

At times, making reading apart of your everyday routine can be tricky when you have a busy life. However, there are many tricks and tips! Why don't you try some listed below? You will be surprised to find how much your reading has increased.

1. Don't be afraid to not finish a book

For the longest time, I was afraid to stop reading a book that I wasn't enjoying. Now, I am not afraid to DNF a book completely. In fact, I find that I read way more when I am enjoying the story. Only read things you like to read. Sounds pretty simple right? Reading should be for our enjoyment after all. If it's not a required read who cares if you don't finish it! Read-only for pleasure not just for the sake of just finishing something.

2. Pick up an audiobook

If you don't like holding a book or reading the actual text this could be a very good option for you. I know I enjoy being read to. It becomes way more like watching a movie or tv show. Plus, if my head hurts from a headache or my eyes are tired audiobooks have literally saved me and my reading life. Full cast audiobooks are some of my favorites. The text often comes alive!

3. Do reading sprints

These are so much fun. On a lazy day tell yourself I am going to read for x amount of minutes with no distractions. Set a timer and just read! Take a break when done and then do another sprint. You will be surprised after doing so many of these how much reading you will complete and the number of books that you will go through.

4. Make a point to read for X amount of time per day or x amount of pages

Schedule in reading time every single day. I always tell myself even if I read only ten minutes a day that is better than nothing. I believe people that read a little every single day are indeed way smarter! It's a way for me to wind down after a crazy day. Make a goal. How long do you want to read per day or how many pages ideally would you like to read?

5. Bring a book with you everywhere

I always have reading material with me wherever I go. Anytime I have some downtime or have to wait in a doctors office, or waiting room I take a book out. If you don't want to carry an actual book the Kindle app is amazing! Literally, take books with you everywhere! You will be surprised how much more you will read each month by bringing reading material with you. Read during breaks at work or when you go to the bathroom!

6. Commit to reading more

If you don't commit to anything in life chances are you are not going to do it. I know myself and unless I tell myself that I am going to complete something... I know I will get too lazy to do it! Reward yourself for completing tasks. You have to make reading a priority like anything else in your day to day schedule.

7. Sign up for Goodreads

I keep track of my reading on Goodreads. It keeps me motivated to see how far along I am in a book. I love seeing what everyone else is reading. Goodreads is the best place to find book recommendations based off of what you read previously. I know I read more when I know how much more I need to read to be done. Tracking your reading progress is a huge motivator! Knowing I read x amount of books is cool for me to see.

8. Cut back on watching tv or movies  

I am guilty of watching too much tv myself because movies and tv are so fun to watch. However, recently, I significantly cut back the number of hours I was spending watching stuff and replaced it with reading. The number of books I have been able to accomplish more because of it is astounding! This trick really does work.

9. Put your phone on silent or airplane mode

Hide all other distractions while reading. Use that time to only concentrate on your book. You will be surprised at how much more you can read when you cut out all distractions.

10. Consider joining a book club

Surrounding yourself with others and talking about a specific book can sometimes make yourself more accountable to finish a book. Deadlines work really well for me. Plus, talking about a book with like-minded individuals is a lot of fun! 

11. Read while you exercise

Killing two birds with one stone. Nothing is better than walking on the treadmill with a really good book. Audiobooks are great for this too.

Remember reading should be fun! If a book isn't bringing you joy it's okay to scratch it and grab another one. Always have the next book you want to read at arm's length. This way you always have the opportunity to read more. It's important to read what you love. Find a genre that works for you. There are many book blogging sites too that will keep you engaged and excited about reading. It's an awesome way to find new books to add to your TBR list!

Reading lists are a must! Keep the hype and reading excitement up! Getting lost in a book is one of the greatest joys in life. It's amazing to be able to escape into another world or reality. To be able to experience something you never would be able to if it weren't for a book. I love being able to put myself in someone else's shoes.  

What are some tips and tricks you use to read more? I would love to know in the comments down below. I could always use some more tips myself. I hope these were helpful for you! Happy reading!