Technology is making reading these days extra easy/fun. I definitely read more because of all the resources available to readers these days. I thought I would compile a list for you of all the bookish related apps that I personally use and find essential to life as a bookworm! These apps have helped increase my reading rate for sure.

The first one is a given......

1. Goodreads

If you are not already signed up, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and follow me. This is a huge social networking site just for readers. Post your reviews, get recommendations, and enter tons of giveaways! Yes, you do win. I have won around four so far just in the last year.

2. Overdrive

Overdrive is used through your library for borrowing books for free! All you need is a library card from your local library. Check out audiobooks and ebooks on any device. This is how I read way more and it's always free. Place holds for the latest books released for no cost.

3. Libby

Another app through your library where you can download free books! Library card needed. Libby is by Overdrive

4. Hoopla

I use Hoopla through my library to stream audiobooks, comics/graphic novels, ebooks, movies, music, and TV. You are able to download or stream content to all devices for free with just a library card. The selection is endless!

5. Serial Reader

This app has gotten me into reading classics at a much faster rate. Reading classics are no longer daunting for me. It's great for readers that are new to reading classic novels. The app gives you free classics to read every single day in 20-minute bite-sized pieces. This helps you get those classics off your TBR shelf. It also helps you form your daily reading habits/goals. 

6. Leio

This app lets you track and plan out your reading life. You can read book reviews to help find the next book to buy or read. It helps keep track of your reading progress of multiple books at a time. There's a timer where you can time your reading and it tracks your progress and reading habits. I love it because it tells me when exactly I will finish a book based on my reading speed. The app even has graphs of your reading life and how it changes over time. This app is great for visual learners!

7. Bookly

An app that allows you to read reviews and compare customer ratings. I use this app to track and manage the books that I own. The app gives you stats on your reading to help you improve your reading rate and even lets you set goals!

8. My Books

Helps you keep track of the books that you have read or want to read by sorting them into folders. Books can be added by scanning their barcode with your cell phone to easily add books into different folders. Look at book ratings and reviews from other readers. I like using this app for blogging because I can sort books into my own titled folders for certain blog posts.

9. Kindle

The one thing that I love about Kindle is the personal book recommendations based on the books that you have read. There is a library of over a million ebooks and more! You are able to access from your local libraries to borrow books and even sample books before purchasing. The built-in dictionary is the greatest tool in my opinion. Making reading that much easier when you do not know what a word means.... Especially in daunting classic novels or books for school/work. The app allows you to customize your reading experience.

What are some of your favorite bookish apps? Which apps are essential to your reading life? I know these apps have helped me to be able to read more at a faster rate. Plus, it's fun to know my own personal reading habits. I love being able to see visually my reading statistics in graphs etc. What about you?