Coming up with blog titles isn't always easy. A good title is what drives traffic to your blog. Figuring out what to write about all the time can be a hard and daunting task. I have a couple sites/resources that I use to help me come up with titles that help my site traffic. It's important to write about stuff that readers want to know or learn about. Titles and ideas that people are searching for online are crucial to the success of your blog. After all, the more shares and views you get the better! Titles are crucial when blogging.

1. coschedule

I use this site to analyze my blog titles. Once you sign up (it's free) type in your blog title and the site will rate the title based on the likelihood of your post being seen. It helps you write titles that drive traffic, shares, and search results. The website gives your title a score! This has been extremely helpful to me for blogging and it for sure has drawn more people to read my posts. Catchy titles are a must when blogging or writing anything really.


I use this site when I don't know what to write about. What you do is type in a keyword. For example, I blog about books. So I would type in "books" and it gives me the highest traffic-driving blog ideas on the internet that people are searching for related to books. This is super helpful. The couple of articles I wrote using this site, I have the most views on! It really does work. Plus, it gives you blog topics to write about that you normally wouldn't have thought to do yourself.

3. backlinkgenerator

Here is another great site that I use to come up with catchy blog titles. You simply put in the general topic you want to talk about and it pops out titles that have been drawing a lot of traffic surrounding it. This is great when you want to draw more traffic to your blog.

4. portent

I love this site when I have no idea what I want to blog about. It comes up with ideas for you that people have been googling about. Some of the titles are random but hey it's what people want to know about!

5. tweakyourbiz

This wonderful little gem of a site comes up with eye-catching titles based on topics you want to blog about. Titles are important to draw people to your blog. Like the site says, good titles can increase your blog traffic by 50% or more! That's crazy!!

6. inboundnow

This site is great when you need some blog inspiration. The site pops out blog ideas that have brought in lots of traffic to other websites. I keep generating different blog titles until I find something that I want to write about.

7. impactbnd

This lovely website comes up with catchy phrases to put before your main topic. It's a great resource to use when you want to come up with eye catching titles. Keep refreshing the page until you find a title you like or one that works for your topic.

8. seopressor

This is one of my favorite websites because it comes up with high traffic drawing topics based on a main idea. It uses topics/main ideas that are currently bringing in the most traffic on other sites. I use this site all the time when I need some blog inspiration. It shows you what people are searching about on the internet based on a main idea. For this example, I used books.  
I hope this post helped you when making eye drawing titles for your blog. A good title can do wonders for your blog and site. At the very least, I hope it made you think. How do you come up with good blog titles? What kind of titles draw you in? I would love to know your thoughts down below.