I have been so behind on blogging lately it's not even funny.. and for that, I am deeply sorry to my readers. Life has been kind of hectic lately. I was traveling and just got back today from California. I drove the long almost six-hour drive there and back to spend time with an old friend. Therefore, I did not get very much blogging done this week. It was a slow blogging month for me but I am planning on coming back full swing hopefully this week because I miss it. I really miss writing. I am still working on getting these challenges done when they should have been done months ago. Oh well, I always end up doing things on my own time anyway.

The topic for day four is to discuss your earliest childhood memory. For this, my memories are scattered in random moments in time and I don't necessarily know my earliest childhood memory to an exact moment. However, I remember my childhood very clearly. I have been known to have a better than average memory and I tend to remember things in great detail. My parents have often been surprised at just how much I remember and how far back that I do. I find it fascinating how you can forget so much of your life and the places and people you met. So the fact that I have a better than average memory makes me very grateful for it.

I would like to guess one of the earliest childhood memories I have is of my first birthday. I remember people singing to me and my mom bringing me my first birthday cake. I had the cake splattered all up and down myself. The cake was all over my face. I remember being fascinated by it and the taste was heavenly. That is probably why I remember it so vividly. All of my parent's friends and their kids at the time and family were there. 

What is your earliest childhood memory you can think of? I would love to know in the comments below. Until next time.