Go Bravely Becoming The Woman You Were Created To Be
Author: Emily Wilson Hussem
Genre: Young adult self-help/Christian
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
Published: April 27th, 2018 
Pages: 160
My Rating: ★★★★
As a young Christian woman, do you struggle with insecurities and feel bogged down by the pressures and expectations of society? Do you find it challenging to take care of yourself and be a faithful daughter of God? Emily Wilson Hussem used to feel the same way. In Go Bravely, the Catholic musician and speaker offers twenty bits of advice that will equip you to tackle your deepest concerns about relationships, self-esteem, and dating while strengthening your faith at the same time. "Sometimes even the smallest acts of living out faith require great bravery." In Go Bravely, Wilson Hussem offers readers warm and friendly encouragement as she shares her experiences with other young women as their youth minister as well as her own struggles with insecurity, relationships, loving and forgiving herself, and living her faith. You’ll feel right at home as she challenges you to be a light in the world while simultaneously offering you easy-to-digest advice on your most pressing questions.
How to stay strong in your faith as a young woman.
I have not enjoyed a book this much in a long time. I totally feel like God literally sent me this beautiful book on purpose. I needed this marvelous wisdom in my life. I found so many similarities of myself to the author. For one we are both named Emily, singers, Christian, and have lived in Phoenix near ASU. I found her story very relatable to my own life. I am now inspired by receiving this beautiful arc. Thank you for sending it to me.

This was my first arc and I could not have been gifted a better novel. Four stars from this book nerd. This novel has taught me how to be better in my life through Christ. This novel will have you thinking about your own relationship with God and what that means to you. How you should be living your Christian life. How we should see all other human beings and live out a life of love. This book will make you feel beautiful inside and out.

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Emily Wilson is a speaker, author, and musician who travels the world sharing her faith through witness and worship. Emily was encouraged by her third grade teacher to get up and sing in front of the whole church at the age of 7. With continued support from her high school choir teacher, she started leading music regularly at Mass. She planned to become a sports broadcaster and earned a degree in broadcast journalism, but after reading On the Dignity and Vocation of Women by Saint John Paul II, she felt a powerful call to use her education in speaking and presenting to spread the Gospel. After working for two years as as a full-time high school campus minister, Emily made the transition to full-time traveling ministry beginning in 2013. She has spoken and played music at dozens of national and international youth and young adult events in two dozen states and numerous countries, including diocesan, parish, and school events, as well as Life Teen conferences, Steubenville conferences, the National Catholic Youth Conference, and the Australian and Swiss Catholic Youth Festivals. In the summer of 2016, Emily published her first book titled I Choose the Sky. It is a scriptural devotion with reflections on seventeen women in the Bible and what we can learn from their lives, decisions, and encounters with Christ. In the spring 0f 2018, Emily released her second book titled Go Bravely: Becoming the Woman You Were Created to Be. This book unpacks 20 ways a young Christian woman can incorporate her faith into her daily life.  The heart of her ministry is helping every person she encounters recognize their identity and worth in Christ - she brings a message of hope that is moving hearts of all ages. Emily has always been a California girl and enjoys living in Southern California as a newlywed with her Dutch husband Daniël.