Celebrating the Little Things Tag

found this awesome tag from my girl alysinbookland! Right now, I am killing time because I have to be at the airport on my flight at 6 am! Therefore, I have to leave my house at 4:30 am. This girl is probably not gonna get any sleep. I thought I would take this time to get some blog posts done. Hopefully, I can sleep on the plane. My dog is flying on the airplane for the first time. I am also bringing my laptop so maybe I can blog and get some posts done on the plane and in the airport too.

20 Shows Worth Watching On Netflix

Netflix is life. 
There are way too many good shows to watch. I am constantly finding new things to watch. Lately, I am so behind on all of my tv shows. Probably because I focus mostly on reading than watching tv. However, finding a great show to binge is a weakness of mine. 

Autumn Tag - Are you ready for sweater weather?

I found this tag via jessica-agreatread and I just had to do it! Fall is my favorite season. Even though, in Arizona, we don't get much of it. The leaves don't change really and it's just not unbearably hot like in the summer. Fall isn't anything special in the desert. Luckily, I will see some fall and trees in the next couple of weeks because I will be back on the east coast! So excited to experience my favorite season. I am totally ready for some sweater weather after this hot summer! 

20 Budgeting Tips To Use - Save Money Every Month!

Right now, your girl is very low on cash flow and money. It's not fun. I know that I am not alone in this. One of the number one things that cause a person to stress in this lifetime is money. Life shouldn't be that way but it is, unfortunately. It's harder to catch up once you fall into the rabbit hole of debt.

12 New Books to Watch For In September

A new month brings more new releases on my radar! This month, there are quite a few new books being released that I cannot wait to read. I blame Goodreads and other blogs for my ever-growing TBR list. Oh, Goodreads and your dang new release section. Both equally good and daunting at the same time. As of now, I have over 700 books on my Goodreads TBR. I am not ashamed. 

Bookish Tag: The Secret Life of a Book Blogger

I found this amazing tag via @alysinbookland! She is one of my favorite bloggers and such a sweetheart. If you aren't following her blog, you totally should. This weekend, I am at my family's cabin up in the pine trees and enjoying life. I love being up in the mountains outside of the desert heat of Phoenix, AZ. My dog is in pure heaven also. 

August Wrap Up

Holy moly did August just fly right by! This year is going by extremely fast or is it just me? I had an amazing reading month. I completed seven books. Next month, I am going back home to Pennsylvania for at least two weeks to help my Grandma out. She is getting knee surgery. My Grandfather can't drive anymore so I will be driving him around. Going to the grocery store etc.

10 Blog Party Link Ups Every Book Blogger Needs To Be Using

For the longest time, I was not utilizing blog linkups. They are a perfect way to not only meet new bloggers and blogs to follow but also a way to promote your blog for free! It's a tool that is definitely underused in the blogging community. Once I started utilizing them, my blog views and comments skyrocketed!