100+ Ways to Take Care of Yourself - Best Self Care Ideas and Tips

Taking care of yourself is very important. Especially when it comes to your wellbeing, physical, and mental health. As humans, our bodies can only take so much before we have to rest or take a break. It's not good to overwork yourself. Once you lose either your physical or mental health there's no way you can really be successful or get anything done.

It's important to take some time out of every single day for self-care. Always remember, it's okay to take a day off every once in a while from work. Mental health/recharge days are important! Here is a list of self-care ideas and tips you can use to try to keep your sanity. I know that I often have to refer to lists like these when I am feeling anxious or having a bad day. Thank god for lists! They can be lifesavers. Self-care is crucial to having enough energy.
  • Take a bath
  • Read a stress-free book
  • Read in the bath 😃
  • Go in the hot tub. 
  • Listen to music. Make sure it's upbeat!
  • Light some candles 
  • Bake or cook anything yummy.
  • Go for a swim
  • Take a nice cold or hot shower. Whichever you prefer.
  • Go for a walk or run. Whichever you prefer.
  • Snuggle or pet your animals.
  • Take photos.
  • Blog or write. Vent somewhere. Start a diary or scrapbook. 
  • Talk to your family or friends. Vent to them and ask for help if you can.
  • Hold an ice pack or frozen orange to calm down.
  • Shop therapy! Reward yourself with something you have been wanting online or in a store.

  • Speak with a therapist or therapy group.
  • Go see a psychiatrist 
  • Take medication if prescribed for your mental health.
  • Make sure you schedule days off where you can just rest.
  • Take a nap or sleep.
  • Think about good things that happened to you during the day. You can always write them down so you don't forget the good things that happened to you in life. That way when you are depressed or feeling down you can refer back to the list.
  • Always use positive words and self-talk!
  • Write compliments about yourself on post-it notes and put them on your mirror. That way it's the first thing you see in the morning or even when you go in your room or bathroom.
  • Drink plenty of ice-cold water.
  • Eat healthy food and do not skip meals.
  • Listen to rain or ocean sounds. I love noisemakers!
  • Smell food that you enjoy. For example, bake cookies just to smell them in the oven!
  • Try meditating or guided imagery therapy. There are tons of videos on youtube you can follow.
  • Try mindfulness. It's a very successful form of therapy.
  • Orient yourself to the room or your surroundings. Look at the four corners in the room.
  • Don't forget to breathe! Take deep breathes. 

  • Take a class
  • Try some yoga
  • Get a diffuser or use essential oils.
  • Take some time to play a game or puzzle.
  • Get a massage 
  • Get a manicure or pedicure.
  • Get your hair done.
  • Try a face mask.
  • Stretch
  • Watch a funny movie or tv show! Nothing too serious.
  • Write down any compliments you have received. You can also use post-it notes and put them on your mirror or in your room/bathroom to see them frequently. 
  • Do anything creative. Draw, write, play music, crafting, etc.
  • Write a list of things you need to get done so you don't forget and overwhelm yourself. Nothing is more satisfying than crossing things off your list when you get things done.
  • Pace yourself 
  • Always set realistic goals. Make sure not to be too ambitious! 
  • Fun exercise. Boost those serotonin levels! The "happy" hormone! 
  • Meal plan for the week.
  • Take new routes to places you need to go. Change it up a bit. It's good not to get bored or do the same monotonous thing over and over again.
  • Dance while listening to your favorite music and songs. You can even sing along.
  • Do some karaoke to your favorite songs.
  • Start your mornings with something you like to do.
  • Write down your negative thoughts on paper and next to the statements write under them refuting statements. Opposites. For example, I am ugly. Under it, I would write, I am beautiful. It's good to reframe your brain.
  • Garden and get some plants.
  • Decorate your house.
  • Get some crystals and put them around your house/room.
  • Get an inside water feature/fountain to listen to the water.
  • Sit outside and listen to the sounds of nature.
  • Go camping
  • Go on a hike
  • Make some coffee. Smell it and drink it.
  • Go to a cool coffee shop
  • People watch anywhere. My favorite place is the mall. You see all walks of life there.
  • Donate your old stuff
  • Go through your closets and get rid of things you don't need or use.
  • Volunteer anywhere! It's proven if you give back and help others you tend to feel better about yourself and your situation.
  • Do your hair, makeup, and pick out a really nice outfit, and get ready just for fun and to look good! It helps you feel better about yourself.
  • Cook a big meal for the ones you love.
  • Don't go on social media or the computer for a couple hours. Detox from any form of technology.
  • Lay down on the grass outside and watch the clouds go by.
  • Lay down outside and look at the stars.
  • Go to Church
  • Read The Bible or your religious text you identify with.
  • Pray
  • Read a magazine
  • Read a magazine on the toilet
  • Go get some ice cream or a special treat. Order dessert first. 
  • Plan your next vacation.
  • Watch mindless reality tv.
  • Do something that was fun in your childhood.
  • Go to a park and swing on the swings. Play on the playground. Go down the slide. Hang on the monkey bars. Pretend to be a kid again.
  • Don't think about anything stressful like money.
  • Pick or buy some flowers. Don't forget to smell them.
  • Take out your contacts and wear your glasses. Better yet take them both off and just close your eyes and rest. Maybe put some cucumber slices over your eyes or wear a face mask. 
  • Listen to a podcast or audiobook.
  • Knit or sew something.
  • Unfollow people on social media that are negative.
  • Go out to eat
  • Order takeout 
  • Go to the library or bookstore.
  • Browse some funny Youtube videos.
  • Just drive around town for the heck of it. 
  • Put some loud music on and sing in the car.
  • Go have a picnic.
  • Look out the window.
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset. Don't think about anything too intense. You can even take pictures!
  • Lay with a fuzzy blanket or pillow.
  • Make your bed.
  • Do some laundry.
  • Lay with a warm blanket hot out of the dryer. 
  • Drink a glass of warm milk, hot apple cider, or hot cocoa. 
  • Drink some chocolate milk.
  • Color in a coloring book or paint.
  • Pick some fresh fruit or veggies from the garden.
  • Grow a plant.
  • Travel to the beach or any body of water. Lake, river, etc.
  • Spray your favorite body spray or perfume and take time to smell it.
  • Put lotion all over your body.
  • Brush your hair.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Get dressed even if you don't feel like it.
Always remember even if you only do one productive thing a day that is more than okay. You can only do what you can. The point is to try and never give up. Some of these tips will work for certain people and some of them won't. The important thing is that you have the list to refer to whenever you are stressed out. It's normal everyone gets stressed but hopefully, these ideas will help you feel less stressed and decrease the intensity. 

What do you do when you feel stressed out? What are some self-care ideas you have? Do you do anything different to take care of yourself? I would love to know in the comments down below. I wish you nothing but love, peace, and happiness.


  1. So many wonderful ideas! I like the idea of planning a vacation - it doesn't even need to be something big, just a couple days here or there can be so helpful in recharging.

    1. Agreed, you can even do a staycation and not even leave your state. Just go to a resort or hotel and have some fun or get an airbnb!

  2. I feel like 'read a magazine on the toilet' is there to check we're still reading! (Not that there's anything wrong with using toilet-time as reading-time!) XD <3

    1. Nah, it's just an activity I do that I enjoy and helps with the stress of the day.


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