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I was tagged by the lovely @caffeinatedfae to do this tag. This tag sounded so fun to me. I knew I just had to do it. After all, what is being so-called "normal" anyways? This tag was created by the wonderful Delly on Twitter. You can find them at @DellyBird on Twitter and their awesome blog can be found here.

“Why I am Weird” Tag rules

  • List ten weird things about yourself, your life, or silly habits that you wouldn’t normally share.
  • Tag up to ten people so you can get to know them better.
  • Link back to the person who tagged you & the creator
  • Comment on the posts of people you tagged!
  • I can eat a whole pot of mashed potatoes by myself. I even have my Grandfather ship his fresh grown potatoes to me in the mail to Arizona from the east coast... Yes, I am a potato snob.
  • I hate wearing socks. Barefoot is the way to go. If it wasn't so hot outside in the summer, I would always be barefoot.
  • Shih Tzu's are my favorite dog breed and I would have ten if I could. Tinkerbell is my best friend and soulmate. I have full-on conversations with her... and yes, she talks back.
  • I live my life as if it were a movie or a book. My head is always in the clouds... This is why I love stories so much and escaping reality.
  • I am super picky with the types of meat that I eat. Meat has to be of high quality. I do not eat pork because of my love of pigs. However, bacon can sometimes be my downfall. I will never eat anything seafood-related or anything that swims in the water. 
  • I still love kid movies and cartoons.
  • I always sing and rock out in my car. My car is where I get most of my singing practice done.
  • I am only 4'11" and often get mistaken for someone much younger than I am.
  • I should be a Disneyland tour guide. I do not need a map and know tons of facts about the park. When I am in the parks, I am on a mission to get to the next ride fast enough. I know the cheapest ways to do Disneyland vacations.
  • Secretly, I think I am a princess. All girls are... I even have little feet to prove it (kid shoes). In Asia, little feet used to be a sign of royalty and I secretly think that I am a princess.
There you have it, that's ten weird facts about me. Do you have anything in common with me? Feel free to do this tag even if I didn't tag you. I would love to know your answers as well. 

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  1. This is such a great little tag! You sound like such an interesting person, and I have to agree I'm massively anti socks too I find the feeling so weird x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿 www.kayleighzaraa.com

    1. I would say I am for sure one of a kind. All people are tho! I love knowing peoples quirks. Socks are hard for me and this is why I usually only wear sandals too lol.

  2. Love this! For re record..... mashed potato's is my weakness! :)

  3. Loved it! I'm the same with fish, I always say they stay in the ocean where they belong!

  4. Happy to be a part of the "weird" tag family! I enjoyed reading it as I could relate to half of the things you listed :)

  5. omg thank you for the tag lovely!!! this is a great post haha we're quite similar omg i am SO PICKY with meat - i always have been!! xx

  6. Nothing weird about still loving kid movies - they are hands down some of the best movies out there and everyone should love them, if you ask me!

  7. Omg! I love potatoes! And, my height, well, I'm not tall either. I'm 5 flat or 5'1" haha! Thank you again for the tag!

  8. I did this tag too! I thought it was so much fun! We're going to be spending a day at Disneyland on our vacation at the beginning of next month---have any tips for me? :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. OMG DO I EVER!! What do you wanna know about saving money, parking, etc?

    2. Basically anything. (Saving money is always good.) We're only there for one day, and I have NO idea about anything about it!!!

    3. One of the main ones is never buy water. Every single food place will give you a free cup to drink water out of. Also, buy all souvenirs outside of the park before going you will save a ton of money! Buy your park tickets at a local grocery store and not in the park. You will get better local prices.


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