31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7

Day seven is all about my ten different favorite foods. Who doesn't love food?! I know this girl does. It's hard to narrow a list down of favorites.

  • My first favorite is potatoes obviously. I have written about this many times before. My Grandfather mails me his fresh potatoes from the garden in Pennsylvania to me in Arizona. Yes, I am a potato snob. If I am on my death bed, I want nothing but potatoes. Specifically mashed and brown gravy. At Thanksgiving, I eat a whole pot to myself. I come from a long line of potato farmers. Any kind of potatoes I like.

  • Second would have to be strawberries. It's my favorite fruit and oh so good. Nothing beats a good juicy strawberry. Berries are the bomb.

  • Third is Pizza! Specifically a good cheese pizza. NYC style is the bomb and my favorite.

  • Four would have to be lasagna. I freaking love everything about beef lasagna. Classic all the way. Fresh ricotta cheese, yes, please!

  • Five, I would have to say apple cobbler or apple pie. Granny smith apples preferred for the tartness. If I am just eating an apple by itself it has to be macintosh. Macintosh apples are very hard to find in Arizona. Whenever I find them, I buy a bunch because I love them so much.

  • Six, grilled chicken tacos. SO SO GOOD!!! With some good homemade tortillas. Add rice and some pico!! 😄In Arizona, we have some bomb tacos. That is one good thing about living in the southwest/desert. 

  • Seven, would have to be a good classic hamburger! Don't forget the ketchup. 

  • Eight, sugar cookies. Specifically my Grandmother's sugar cookies. They are to die for. Butter and more butter!! If Christmas had a taste it would taste like sugar cookies.

  • Nine, peanut butter for sure. You can never have too much peanut butter.

  • Ten, pasta anything. Especially spaghetti and meatballs. It's oh so good. 

Those are ten of my favorite foods. Now, excuse me while I go eat something. This post is making me hungry! What are some of your favorite foods? It's hard only picking ten.


  1. Potatoes are life, and so is pizza, and why can't every day be taco Tuesday?

  2. I like potatoes, but I don't think I can live up to your level of love for them. Not a potato snob. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Yeah, my level is a little extreme lol. I come from a long line of potato farmers after all.


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